Immortalize your Pet with Ink – Something I will Never Regret.

Do you have one of those tattoo stories from when you were younger and possibly not thinking straight at the time. Well I admit I have two of those moments! Tattoo #1 and #2 are both tattoos that can only be summed up as regret! I will likely get cover-ups or even tattoo removal one day on them. This brings me to my most prized body art! Two tattoos that mean the world to me. In 2008, my childhood dog Sparky-Lee was sent to the rainbow bridge due to her declining health. It took me a really long time to process all of this and to show my appreciation for my sister, I got her name tattooed on my foot. Sparky was missing one toe, which is why there is only 3 toes and I drew that paw print to make it more special. The other tattoo below is my newest tattoo, which I got done in 2013 as part of a fundraiser for Rolo’s former shelter; The Fort McMurray SPCA.  I thought long and hard about what I wanted to get done. The word forever popped up. This tattoo is for all of the animals who have left an imprint “forever”  in my heart including past shelter animals I have spent endless hours with, friends pets, family pets and of course my very own pets.


I put a post out online asking people to share with me their pet related tattoos along with  explanations, these are the responses I got;

One of my good friends and I got matching tattoos this summer. For both of us, our pets are our world; they have been there for us through good times and bad, never allowing us for one second to doubt their endless love and affection. We wanted to celebrate our bond with each other, and between us and our furry friends. The infinity symbol shows our endless love for our animals, while our foot tattoos state “I’ll never walk alone,” for we both feel we are never alone as long as we have our four-legged family members by our sides. (Photo Credit: Robyn.C)
IMG_5474 IMG_5473

I got it in fall 2011 on my left foot. It’s a paw print wrapped in a bandage that says “rescued.” It’s a tribute not only to my animal rescue work, but also to my rescue animals. I rescued them but they also rescued me! (Photo Credit: Amanda @
foot tattoo

Mine is actually a family tattoo that has my pets cause they are family. The vine is my parents (the colors on the vine are their birth months). The butterflies are me, my sister and my brother. The flowers are my Nephew and nieces and my dogs (cause they are my family). Again the flowers are the colors of their birth months. (Photo Credit: Koralee @

Her first tattoo was a paw print for her dog Brandy. As when Brandy used to sit on her lap, she would leave a small impression on her leg. She then added to that tattoo with the initials of a previous dog underneath with a small heart. The paw below belongs to her boy Dexter. The newest tattoo to that collection is located on her arm with her amazing trade marked quote. My Heart Beats Dog. In that logo you will find a cocker spaniel outline, heart, a wagging tail and paw print. (Photo Credits: Carol @
Carol Tattoosmhbd_tat

I’m attaching my FiveSibes tattoo I had done in 2013. My daughter and I got matching infinity tattoos and she offered to buy me another for Mother’s Day, so I got the FiveSibes inked on my right inside forearm!
(Photo Credit: Dorothy @

Do you have a pet related tattoo?
What’s the story behind it?

Share with us in the comments below.

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  1. Liane Muir says:

    I lost my precious Boo two months ago. He was my constant companion for over 17 years and my husband and I brought him with us from Scotland to our home now in Canada. I miss him every minute. He is everywhere (I still delight in finding a “Boo hair” on my sweats, a cushion or even in my tea!). I knew I wanted a unique tattoo to honour him. He was a unique dog. I chose a B that was also a heart and then his colours are behind it – Tan, black and ginger. I feel sad but proud that I have this tattoo. <3

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