Rolo’s DIY Halloween Costume Reveal

Happy Monday Friends!
I love crafting and I really wish there was more time in a day to allow me to do it, so when I get my hot glue gun in hand, there is no stopping me! I love making Rolo his yearly Halloween costumes, there is only ONE in his closet that I bought for him, which is a super cute pumpkin complete with little stem hat! In his closet you can find, 2 custom Rolo chocolate bar costumes along with a fluffy sheep! This year I had an idea to make Rolo something from one of my favorite old movies; The Wizard of Oz. Rolo is going to be the cowardly lion.


I did some planning on how I wanted to make him a mane, I didn’t want to use fake fur but as I walked the isles of the local dollar store I spotted a Hawaiian luau skirt! The creative juices were flowing! I also grabbed some velcro, IMG_8705extra glue and a headband. This totaled around $15.00. I did buy two brown hair poofs (pictured above) that I thought I would use as ears, but after I attached them, I didn’t like how they looked. I went to the mall and at Claire’s they have kinda mickey mouse looking ears on a headband, I purchased them and they worked well with our “theme”. Getting all those strands to stick up in the air was a fun time, let me tell you. I ended up taking some clear hair braiding mini elastic that I had and did some type of hair styling on this mane.  I think I will give it one more haircut to make it JUST a tiny bit shorter than it will be ready for Halloween! Of course he doesn’t look happy in the photo as he is waiting for dinner LOL!

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What are your pets being for Halloween??

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