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Today on our blog we have a special interview for you featuring Don Tomala; The managing Director & co-founder of Matrix Partners®! What is Matrix Partners? Well they are a pet loving marketing & PR firm that has been around for 28 years, focused on…you guessed it! PETS! Do you got a pet brand or business? Matrix Partners can use their expertise to help you with many different categories like; digital marketing, public relations, social media, web development, print advertising, sales support and packaging.

logo*What is the name of this business?
Matrix Partners

*Who is filling out this interview?
Don Tomala, Managing Director & Co-Founder

*How long has the company been around for
and how long have you been associated with them for?
28 years (Photo Credit:

*Why was it started?
Matrix Partners was founded in 1987 to provide our clients with all the strategic and creative resources it takes to develop and launch successful consumer packaged goods brands.

*What do you specialize in?
Ten years ago, we decided to focus all of our efforts on becoming a best-of-breed pet products marketing company. We are proud to provide strategic and creative services to help pet product companies grow their brands. From kibble to kitty litter, we know the industry inside and out!

11219716_10153535742487232_3423086717247235520_n*What makes your different from other companies?
We are truly passionate about pets. We also know what it takes to introduce a new brand to pet parents and encourage them to give it a try. (Photo Credit:

*What types of services do you offer?
We provide an extensive range, including package design, public relations, web development, print advertising, sales support, social media and digital marketing.

*What is the company’s mission?
By leveraging our love of pets combined with our marketing expertise, we are committed to winning the hearts and minds of pet parents every day.

*If someone wanted to book an appointment with you how do they get a hold of your company?
Contact John Zappia, our VP of Business Development, at 630-420-9666 or

*Any special events coming up this year for you?
Every trade show is special and we’re always helping our clients launch new product lines. But the next big event for our clients and us is the Global Pet Expo this March. For more information about Global Pet Expo —> Click Here

 *What inspires you?
Learning that a product my company helped market or publicize has made a positive difference in a pet’s life. For example, the Cool Pet Pad from The Green Pet Shop provides soothing relief to aging pets with itchy skin or stiff joints. Rolo & I have actually done a review on this product c/o Matrix Partners, you can view our review —> Click Here

*What do you plan to accomplish with your business in 2016?
To continue adding talented people to our strategic and creative team to continue to support our growing client base.

0178*Do you have any animals?
I have two rescue cats, Willie and Toby, and two rescue Beagles named Bailey and Tucker. Bailey is a bit of a troublemaker. You can usually find her with a pair of socks in her mouth! Do you recognize that yellow lab? You have seen Cody before on our blog! Read all about Cody and his sister Bella here –> Click Here  (Photo Credit:

*Do you do any charity work?
I try to devote some of my time outside of work to improving the lives of our less fortunate four-legged friends. I am an advocate for animal adoption and find great joy in supporting pet rescue organizations like the TLC Animal Shelter of Homer Glen, IL and BREW Midwest Beagle Rescue, Education and Welfare. I try to frequently donate and coordinate donations of food to various shelters, and am always encouraging my clients to donate, as well.

*Has your business or you won any awards or had any nominations?
Although I was recently honored with Pet Age magazine’s ICON Award, which honors pet industry leaders who have shown a long-term commitment to the success of the pet industry based on experience, integrity and leadership, I like to toot my company’s horn, not my own as I feel that these successes are a team effort. Read all about his ICON award here –> Click Here

Matrix Partners has been awarded with several EFFIE Awards in an annual national competition that recognizes marketing effectiveness.

The brands we’ve built have also been repeatedly singled out for recognition by Pet Business magazine. In 2012, we were the recipients of a Hermes Gold award for Packaging & Design, and a Hermes Platinum award for Integrated Marketing Campaign. In 2014, Graphic Design USA awarded us with an American Web Design Award and an American Package Design award for our work with Spring Naturals, as well as a Package Design Award for our work with Look Who’s Happy. (Rolo has eaten MANY Look Who’s Happy Treats!)

*What is your advice to someone wanting to start their own business?
Simply follow your passion, even if that sounds like a cliché.

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