Our Adventures Last Night #ignightthenightymm

Last night Rolo and I decided that we would braved the cold weather (ok we are wimps, it was only 0 degrees celsius outside) and go on an adventure downtown in Fort McMurray, AB! We decided to take a look at some of the igNight the night displays around town. We did a broadcast on #Periscope (follow us; rescuemomblog) at our first stop at jubilee plaza, then we got to cold and decided to take a look at the other displays another night. 

Banner Image - igNight (Photo Credit: http://www.rmwb.ca/Municipal-Government/municipal_departments/Community-Services-Department/Arts_Culture/IgNIGHT.htm)

igNIGHT the Night is a temporary public art exhibition that encourages  public art initiatives in ways that engage the interest and imagination of the general public. It features 6 different illuminated art exhibitions all around town. We will be checking out the other ones soon! As we were to cold to continue on. If you follow us on #instagram (rescuemomblog) you likely seen these photos posted this morning. Enjoy!

IMG_8791(Above) The beautiful, colorful sunset last night in Fort McMurray, AB.
It reminds me of cotton candy!

IMG_8793(Above) This was this first display;
Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light, by Sarah Beck
Contemplate the inevitability of change while viewing this time-based piece;

it is likely be different each time it is experienced.

IMG_8795(Above) Rolo at the display, sticking his chest out and being proud.

IMG_8798(Above) Rolo sitting with the little Halloween decorations set up at Jubilee Plaza.

IMG_8804(Above) Snuggling in bed with me after our adventure.

If you are located in Fort McMurray, AB  and want to learn more about all of the different displays, like where they are located –> Click Here

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