VitusVet – Keeping your pets medical records in the palm of your hand!

One major thing I do as a pet parent, is keep up with Rolo’s vaccinations. I am always around other animals and so is he so I personally feel the need to keep him safe & protected against anything he might catch. Just the other day I was thinking it was around this time when Rolo needed to get his yearly shots. I looked through my filing cabinet logo1-defaultsearching for the newest forms. I gave up as his pile of vet records is quite big from all the trips we have made there over the past 4+ years. I got an email regarding an app you can download on your phone that keeps your pets medical records! It’s like they could see me and know that I was struggling to find the date of his last vaccinations! I downloaded VitusVet right away to my iPhone. I did then remember I had it in an email to his pet therapy coordinator (he is now retired) so I checked my previously sent emails for photo copies of them. (Logo Photo Credit:

This App is available on iPhone & Android

I downloaded the app and started filling in all of Rolo’s information from his vaccination papers. Do you know how nice it is going to be to just be able to look down at my phone and know the exact dates of when he was there. This is especially helpful for all those EPI Parents out there who have to get their pets blood tested frequently and even administer pills as it can give daily/weekly/monthly reminders. This app allows you to set reminders also!

downloadappHow can this help out Pet Owners:

At Hand Medical Records:
-Complete records at your fingertips
-Full pet records are available while traveling
-If you have multiple vets, VitusVet keeps everyone informed
-Share vaccination records with your kennel/groomer

Inform Family & Friends:
-Get your family on the same page
-Share access with family members, friends, pet sitters etc.
-Add notes with pictures to keep track of your pets food

Create Reminders:

-Easily create medication reminders & receive dosage alerts
-Set daily/weekly/monthly reminders for grooming, pet diet, vaccination and more..
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This app isn’t just beneficial for pet owners, also  general practice veterinarians or ER/specialty practice veterinarians. Click each bold name to be brought to a page with more information.

 Below I have added a few screen shots from my account on VitusVet just to give you a hint as to what the app can do for you!

IMG_8833(above) If I click medical records, this is what comes up.
These are all the shots I have added in along with dates they were given.

IMG_8834(above) For example, if I clicked the yearly shots,
I wrote in exactly what that has covered, date and where he got it done at.

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  1. Knotty Toys for Good Dogs says:

    Thanks Kim. This is a great app. Hopefully they will develop an android version soon.
    Olivia does not receive vaccinations due to her idiopathic epilepsy but it would be helpful to keep all her other medical information at the touch of a screen.

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