A weekend roadtrip with Rolo

If Rolo had to choose a place where he was the most comfortable, besides sitting next to me, it would be in the SUV.
He loves long road trips and is the most well-behaved side kick! This weekend we went down to Edmonton, Alberta which is 4.5 hours south of us for a weekend away to do some shopping, meet my parents there and see my best friend. We have two hotels that we normally stay at in Edmonton, one south side and one west side near the West Edmonton mall. We chose to stay south side this time at the Sawridge. Beautiful hotel, grassy area beside the hotel for Rolo, big rooms, decently priced and friendly staff. Rolo has been here many times! He loves adventures and I kept it a secret that I was taking him to PetSmart in the morning. I am pretty sure he knew because he decided it would be lovely to wake me up at 630am on a Saturday and not let me go back to bed. As we had my step son, husband and niece in the room as well I took Rolo to the lobby with my iPad, phone, and money for much-needed coffee.  (I know I am a very thoughtful person letting them all sleep♥)

PicMonkey Collage1Happy Rolo when he first got to the hotel room.
Rolo & I sitting in the lobby at 6:30am.

Well PetSmart didn’t open until 9:00am so we needed to find something to do for a while to kill some time. I texted my dad as he is a morning person to come out and hang out with us. He came out for about an hour before he went to go have a shower and get ready for the day. So we were up to 7:30am. I was an Edmontonian at one point in my life as I had a condo there for about a year and a half. I decided to take Rolo on a little adventure. We drove downtown and stopped at the large Stanley Cup on gateway blvd, took some photos and got a snack at Tim Hortons. We drove down whyte ave. Stopped at Save On Foods for some hairspray (for me not Rolo).  We were up to 8:45am so we made our way to PetSmart to wait outside for the last few minutes before it opened. Rolo was excited and I couldn’t  wait to buy him some treats.
PicMonkey Collage2
Can you tell what his favorite isle is at PetSmart? The isle that he touches absolutely everything with his nose. He took home a pretty good haul from PetSmart! Those Dog For Dog blueberry granola bars, oh he is in LOVE with them!
We had a great weekend in Edmonton and wish it didn’t have to come to an end. We drove home to a few inches of snow in our yard. Rolo loves winter and had a time in the back yard as he made about 10,000 for steps in a 2 minute period! Hope you all had a great weekend like us!

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  1. M. K. Clinton says:

    I’ll have to look for the Dog to Dog blueberry bars. My boys would love those. They think the open bins of bones are free samples when we shop.. I have to break it to them that they are not. Haha!

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