Rolo’s MUST have Winter Items

Rolo`s most favorite time of the year is winter, as his husky DNA shines through during these winter months. He loves going out for walks, eating the snow, laying in the snow and sometimes playing which doesn’t happen in any other season! Rolo has a few items that are his favorite during this season. What are they? We are about to tell you!

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Canine Equipment – Ultimate Trail Boots
The winters up here get very cold and after one walk I noticed Rolo lifting up his paws as of course they were cold. I decided to invest in some boots for him. I did a lot of research trying to find ones that would work best for our winters and Rolo’s feet. I wanted ones with grippies on the bottom as with bad hips & legs I didn’t want him slipping all over the place. It took a while to get Rolo used to them (notice awkward looking photo above) and now he doesn’t mind them one bit. I started in our house with the two front paws on. I kept them on for a good 10 minutes each time with positive praise (he feeds off this). I then added the two back ones. After trotting around like a horse, he was finally used to them (happy photo above!) You can find more information about the boots here –> Click Here

Tea for Spot
Warming up after a walk in the cold has never been easier with Tea for Spot. Rolo loves the taste and it warms him deep inside. Takes only a few minutes to make, has added benefits as well as different brews to choose from not to mention their very cute packaging.
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Gold Paw Series – Portland Pullover
Finding something that will fit Rolo properly sometimes is a challenge. He has a different body type. Hes short and wide. The portland pullover from Gold Paw Series fits Rolo perfectly! Its soft durable and stretchy, but it doesn’t lose its shape. Its easy to put on Rolo and he stays nice and comfy cozy in it. Also he looks sweet wearing it!
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Handmade Paw Butter
I had fun making this paw butter for Rolo. My kitchen on the other hand didn’t appreciate it very much as it was a mess after! I found a recipe online but added a few different things of my own (peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil & lavender oil). After it was heated up and melted I added it into little jars and sealed them after they cooled down. Rolo gets dry paws alot so this was a great way to keep them moisturized and prevent cracking. It also smells nice too! Ingredients: Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil & Eucalyptus Essential Oils.

What are your most favorite must have winter items for your pets?
Share with us below!

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