Rolo has a secret..

Good Morning Friends!
Rolo & I have been keeping a big secret from everyone for a few months now (aside from our friends on our personal facebook page who have seen already). Can you guess what it is? I wonder what it could be?


Is it our 2015 Christmas fundraising total? NO
Is it photos from dropping off donations last night? NO
Are we adopting another dog? Unfortunately NO
Are we going on a nice hot, tropical trip with Roo? I WISH


Rolo is excited to announce that he will be getting another baby brother or sister at the end of May 2016! Which means I am just over 3 months pregnant. This is very exciting news for our family as I was unable to have kids until I got surgery. I underwent my very first surgery in June to have a tumor removed and just a few months later, I became pregnant! This wont be much of a change for Rolo as he already has a 7-year-old brother named Cameron, who is my stepson. Will be interesting with him being around a baby though as he isn’t to fond of kids but I think he will be fine and adjust plus I think Rolo is most excited to have me at home with him every single day all day!


Did your dog go through the baby phase?
Please give me some tips,
as this is my first human baby.

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