Litter Box Training {Outdoor Dog Version}

Did the title make you raise some eyebrows? How can you outdoor litter box train a dog? Well technically I didn’t outdoor little box train Rolo but this brought me back to when I had a rabbit and a rat and how I litter box trained them both to go to the washroom in the corner of their cages. This is exactly what I did with Rolo. Well he isn’t in a cage but I trained him in just 3 days to use only one corner of our backyard to do his business.UntitledIMG_1068IMG_1067

This year I decided I was going to tackle the winter backyard messes differently then any other year. We live in a townhouse, so our yard size is about the size of a jail cell so it really is manageable. In the summer I do my pickups every few days, sometimes if I am feeling ambitious I am out there every morning before work. Now winter time is a whole different ball game! -40 degrees is not out of the norm weather for us in the North and mix in snow, windchill and a dislike for being cold, our yard becomes a mess. Guess who has to deal with it in the spring —> This Girl!

PicMonkey CollageI decided that I am going to create a “dog run” for Rolo to use in our backyard. That way I know what end his business is in and it will be easy to get at and clean up over the long winter months. I am proud to say that it took only 3 days and Rolo is now going to that corner on his own. How did I do this? Well let me tell you! This is a mini map I drew of our yard. What I did was put up a rope about chest height on Rolo to where I don’t want him going to the washroom. I am going to keep the area where he is allowed to go shoveled with no snow. This will also make it easier to find where he goes to the washroom. It snowed so I wasn’t able to get at this am while I took the photo.

For the first few times I would go outside with Rolo to make sure he doesn’t go under the rope (I normally watch from the window anyways). He did a few times but I made it clear that he couldn’t go there. Normally with Rolo I just have to say the word no in a stern voice and then he knows he shouldn’t do that. Rolo feeds on praise & cookies which makes it just that much easier to train him to do things. As soon as he went pee or anything else on that side I told him in a happy voice how he was a good boy, he squeaked away! Then as soon as we got inside, he got a mini training treat. After 3 days, he knew if he went to the washroom over in that corner he was getting a treat! Dogs are smart! Also you could attach your dog to a leash and walk with them over to the side you want them to go to that’s blocked off. Never yell, pull or hit your pet, it’s only going to set them back. Positive reinforcement and consistency are key! Don’t give up!

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