Pet Product Review – PetSafe {Busy Buddy – Waggle, Bristle Bone & Tug-a-jug}

Today we are doing a pet product review on a few toys from PetSafe®; The Waggle, The Bristle Bone and The Tug-a-Jug all from the Busy Buddy™ Line. I called in a few reinforcements for this review from Rolo’s former shelter the Fort McMurray SPCA ( Hawthorne, Eve & Paige, all who are available for adoption. You may also be just as surprised with our last pet product reviewer that I wont mention until later on in this post.

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Let’s start this product review!

Appearance & Design
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I can’t call myself an expert on pet toys as my dog never showed any interest in toys the entire time we have had him(4.5years); could be from his background story, could be that he just doesn’t like them. If I was a pet toy expert I would love toys that keep my pup entertained and look fun. Just by looking at these toys I can tell both of those things are true and I will test out my theory below!

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Creativity of Product
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The Waggle: This toy has hollow sides where you put in treats, there are little nubby’s at the end that keep the toys inside, you can also trim them to allow the treats to come out easier.I decided to keep them in to maximize the fun! You could get super creative and do some type of stuffed mixture like yogurt, peanut butter and dog treats and freeze inside.
The Bristle Bone: This treat is great for getting at those teeth, there are bristles and little nubs that can act like a toothbrush, while playing! The two brown rings are bacon flavored! I also like that this comes apart for easy washing.
The Tug-a-jug: This toy can definitely keep you pet busy for hours, it’s durable as Hawthorne was winging it around everywhere. Add kibble or treats inside and let them tug on the rope to try to get them out. We opted to use puppy food as it was super small and worked well in this.

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Testing Process:
Below you will find; Eve, Hawthorne, Paige & a special stand in testing out these products.
(Above) Eve had a lot of fun with the tug-a-jug, she decided she wanted to try to get the treats out the end you put them in. She was kicking it around with her foot also.
(Above) Hawthorne had a ball with the tug-a-jug.Hawthorne was definitely the roughest with this toy. He was throwing it around, running and picking it up. He got a lot of the treats out (smart boy!)
(Above) Paige opted to play with the bristle bone. When she was chewing on it, it sounded like she was brushing her teeth! I think the bacon flavored disks got her senses going too! The bristle bone also comes with two extra bacon flavored disks too!
(Above) Yes this is Rolo! This isn’t a stand in double for this review. I was up at the shelter and realized that I forgot one of the toys at home to test out. As it was too late to go back up there and I wanted my review up tomorrow I decided to give it a shot with seeing if Rolo would play with it. The waggle you add treats into the end and they try to get them out. As Rolo is food motivated he took it from me and began chewing. No word of a lie, I started crying! He was at it for about 30 minutes before all of the treats were out. This may not seem like much but when I have been trying for 4+ years to get him to play with a toy, this is a BIG DEAL! Now he wont play with the other two toys but hey this is a start!

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Review Disclaimer: Confessions of a Rescue Mom received a waggle, tug-a-jug & bristle bone from PetSafe for posting an honest review of their product. The opinions expressed in this review are our own and were not influenced in any way. There was no monetary compensation.

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