{DAY FIVE} Rolo’s Christmas Advent Calendar

It’s that time again friends, Rolo and I have compiled all of our favorite pet product reviews from 2015 into one giant group of Howliday blog posts to help you pick the pawfect present for your pets! We all know how much our pets mean to us, so let’s shower them with wonderful gifts under the Christmas tree & in their stockings, after all, they deserve it!

One the fifth day of Rolo’s Christmas Advent Calendar, Santa brought to us…so many wonderful products from PetSafe! From treats, to collars to pet fountains, they have everything you need in one place!

Company: PetSafe
Product: Indigo Dental Sticks & Triple Chews

Where to Purchase:
Triple Chews: http://store.petsafe.net/indigo-triple-chews
Dental Sticks: http://store.petsafe.net/indigo-fresh-sticks

Why do we love this product: Rolo loves the taste of these treats and his breath smells great after! I also love how the Triple Chew has a soft squishy center that reminded me of the inside of a reece’s peanut butter cup!
img_9096 img_9132

Company: PetSafe
Products: Indigo Dental Sauce
Where to Purchase: http://store.petsafe.net/indigo-fresh-dental-sauce
Why do we love this product: Giving Rolo the dental sauce is easy! Took a total of 2 seconds to complete! Grab the bottle, squeeze and serve! Easy! Leaving him with minty fresh breath!
Company: PetSafe

Product: Everflow Fountain
Where to Purchase: http://store.petsafe.net/drinkwell-everflow-outdoor-plumbed-fountain#
Why do we love this product: Overall this water dish is very versatile. I really love that you can use it inside and outside! It’s easy to put together, doesn’t need a rocket scientist to figure it out. It’s also easy to clean, I just took a cloth and wiped it off.

Company: PetSafe
Product: KeepSafe Collar
Where to Purchase: http://store.petsafe.net/keepsafe-collar#
Why do we love this product: Our final thought are very simple –> This collar is genius!
Anything that can help enrich & save our pets everyday life is paws up in our book! Keep your pets safe with the KeepSafe Collar by PetSafe!

Company: PetSafe
Product: Bristle Bone, Tug-a-jug & Waggle
Where to Purchase:
The Waggle: http://store.intl.petsafe.net/en-ca/busy-buddy-waggle
The Bristle Bone: http://store.intl.petsafe.net/en-ca/busy-buddy-bristle-bone
Tug-a-jug: http://store.intl.petsafe.net/en-ca/busy-buddy-tug-a-jug

Why do we love this product:
The Waggle: This toy has hollow sides where you put in treats, there are little nubby’s at the end that keep the toys inside, you can also trim them to allow the treats to come out easier.I decided to keep them in to maximize the fun! You could get super creative and do some type of stuffed mixture like yogurt, peanut butter and dog treats and freeze inside.
The Bristle Bone: This treat is great for getting at those teeth, there are bristles and little nubs that can act like a toothbrush, while playing! The two brown rings are bacon flavored! I also like that this comes apart for easy washing.
The Tug-a-jug: This toy can definitely keep you pet busy for hours, it’s durable as Hawthorne was winging it around everywhere. Add kibble or treats inside and let them tug on the rope to try to get them out. We opted to use puppy food as it was super small and worked well in this.

Links to our full pet product reviews for all the above products;
Indigo Dental Sticks & Triple Chews
Indigo Dental Sauce
Everflow Fountain
KeepSafe Collar
Bristle Bone, Tug-a-jug & Waggle

Disclaimer: Confessions of a Rescue Mom received the above items ( indigo dental sauce, triple chews and dental sticks, tug-a-jug, waggle, bristle bone, keepsafe collar and everflow fountain) for posting an honest review in the links above. The opinions expressed in these reviews are our own and were not influenced in any way. There was no monetary compensation.

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