{DAY EIGHT} Rolo’s Christmas Advent Calendar

It’s that time again friends, Rolo and I have compiled all of our favorite pet product reviews from 2015 into one giant group of Howliday blog posts to help you pick the pawfect present for your pets! We all know how much our pets mean to us, so let’s shower them with wonderful gifts under the
Christmas tree & in their stockings, after all, they deserve it!

On the eighth day of Rolo’s Christmas Advent Calendar, Santa brought to us…natural pet products, homemade treats & hip & joint “treats” Rolo calls them.

Company: NHV Natural Pet Products
Product: Turmeric, Multi Essentials, Thyro-up, Matricalm & Milk Thistle
Where to Purchase: http://www.nhvnaturalpetproducts.com/
Why do we love this product: Over a 5 week period we did a 5 part pet product review series with products from NHV Natural Pet Products. Adding the supplements from NHV to your pets diet is a great way to keep them healthy & happy, just like humans taking vitamins & supplements. NHV’s website has an abundance of products for cats, dogs and small exotics. You can also go on their website and search remedies by condition and breed. WE had success with all of the products we tested.
Product:  Advanced Hip & Joint Formula
Where to Purchase: http://pl360pet.com/
Why do we love this product: Rolo seriously thought these chew-able pills were treats! They are beef & cheese flavor! (Rolo says “yummm”). Having something that tastes so great makes it just that much easier to administer instead of hiding it in some cheese. Advanced Hip & Joint Formula

Company: Lucky Dog Biscuits
Product: Cheesy Pleasers & Peanut Butter Barkies
Where to Purchase: http://www.luckydog-biscuits.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html
Why do we love this product: Rolo knows that his mom is not a good baker..No bake dog cookies come out perfect, ones that go into the oven…not a chance; burnt & broken. I really have no idea why because both of my parents are amazing bakers & cooks! (I guess the gene didn’t get passed down to me) but this is exactly why the experts have taken over and are making dog treats. No mess in your kitchen, no time wasted shopping for ingredients or freaking out because you forgot an ingredients.


Links to our full pet product reviews for all the above products;
PL360 Advanced Hip & Joint Formula
NHV Turmeric
NHV Multi Essentials
NHV Milk Thistle
NHV Thyro-up
NHV Matricalm
Lucky Dog Biscuits

Disclaimer: Confessions of a Rescue Mom received the above items (5 bottles of NHV natural pet products, 2 bags of lucky dog biscuits and a bottle of pl360 advanced hip & joint formula) for posting an honest review in the links above. The opinions expressed in these reviews are our own and were not influenced in any way. There was no monetary compensation.

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