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Today we catch up with Stephanie, a friend I have known since before we were born (our dad’s were BFF’s). Let’s learn all about the pup in her life, Miss Gucci!  We are going to be posting pet spotlight interviews frequently, where we ask their pet parent(s) to answer questions about their pet(s). If you are interested in this please feel free to drop us a line. Contact information is located at the bottom of this page.

*What is your name?

Stephanie Mervyn

*Where are you from?
Fruitvale, but I now live in Castlegar

*What is your pet(s): (Age, Breed & Name)?
Gucci, 3 years old, American Bully (Blue nose pitbull)

*Any unique traits?
She has a pink heart on her nose, she also has many human traits, she sits like a human and sleeps like a human! She loves to be the little spoon.

*What made you go with this breed?
I used to own another pitbull and Gucci was given to me as a gift, but I fell in love with the breed after owning my first pitbull. They have such sweet temperaments and get a horrible reputation, but they truly are the softest and sweetest dogs.

*What are some interesting facts about your pet(s)?
Gucci had ACL surgery this past year and has recently tore her other knee. They say it is due to the breed and the way the dogs are bred to be so large, they end up having a lot of torque on their knees. At the age of 3 she has extensive arthritis, which is quite rare, but she battles through it and still acts like a puppy. She loves to play and exercise and cause mischief.

*What is your pet (s) favorite treat?
Gucci loves pig ears and bully sticks the most!

*What is your pet(s) favorite trick?
Shake a paw, she is a really good at shaking one paw and then the other paw.

*Where is your pet(s) favorite place to go?
Any park or snowshoeing up a mountain.

*Perspective on Adopting a Rescue?
I call Gucci my rescue dog, because she was quite abused by my ex boyfriend as a puppy when she would misbehave. When we broke up, I ‘rescued’ her and now she has a caring, love and positive home. I would love to adopt another dog to have a friend for Gucci, but I am waiting for the right timing.

*What’s your favorite thing to do with your pet(s)?
Honestly, have a nap and cuddle. Gucci loves cuddling and will often cuddle up close and have her head rest on me. We do love to be active and go for adventures together, like hikes and snowshoes!

*Does your pet like to travel? If so, where are some places it/they have been?
Gucci loves car rides. She has been around BC with me on various trips!

*Favorite website to get pet information from?
I often check the SPCA website and browse on any pet rescue sites.

*Do your pets (s) love to go for car rides?

*What’s your favorite animal product?
I absolutely love my waist walker for hiking or snowshoeing with Gucci. She is a 90lb dog who loves to pull, so it helps get me up the hill, ha ha!

*Why do you think volunteering at an animal rescue/shelter is important?
Most of the animals just need love. That is all they ask for and they never asked to have a life in a shelter. The just want a loving family like any of us humans do.

*Anything extra you would like to add?
Gucci is my best friend and has been with me through so many of life’s tough moments. A dogs love is truly unconditional and they will adapt to any situation and help you get through it J

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