Keeping your pets safe while braving the cold weather

I don’t exactly live in the North Pole and the weather here isn’t bad all the time BUT there are a few occasions where we actually have colder weather then the North Pole! (not lying!). I am over protective when it comes to the elements, as we all should be, I make sure Rolo is comfortable and his body is protected to prevent any type of unnecessary injuries or trauma. Each breed is different, so be sure to assess the situation properly to ensure your pet is out of harms way.

North Pole -31°C feels like -38°C
Fort McMurray -32°C feels like -40°C
*weather from January 15-17, 2016

Rolo loves the winter, me not as much but I will put up with it to take him for a little walk to stretch his legs and continue to aid him with his weight loss journey and of course the fresh air is good for us and our bodies. Here are some things you can do to help keep your pet safe from the cold elements;

  • Paw Butter:
    Rolo and I made our own paw butter to use on his feet using; coconut oil, shea butter, peppermint lavender and eucalyptus essential oils, beeswax and olive oil. Melted it all down, put it into little canisters and waited for it to harden. Its almost like chapstick for his paws and it keeps them moist which makes them not crack.  There are plenty of paw butter recipes available online.
  • Boots/ Waterproof Socks:
    Boots & waterproof socks are saviors! There are so many different types you can purchase. Ones with grips, ones that go higher up on their legs and just basic rubber glove looking ones. I like that they protect his feet not only from the cold elements BUT also things that could be on the streets including; salt, antifreeze, sharp objects etc. The type Rolo wears are made by RC Pets and they are the Canine Equipment Ultimate Trail Boots. Easy to get on, have grips on the bottom.
  • Washing & Wiping Feet:
    As I mentioned above in the boot section, salt, antifreeze and other items that can be harmful to your pet while outdoors walking. Rolo is a feet licker, not
    from allergies he just does it as a habit so I make sure if he is outside without his boots on that I take a minute to wash and wipe those feet off. I myself would not want him to ingest something that could be harmful to him. Just wet a cloth and wipe each paw off. Takes an easy two minutes to complete.
  • Jacket & Sweater:
    Rolo has a double layer of fur and he loves the outdoors, I always assess the weather before putting his jacket on him as I want him to be comfortable and not over heated, and not cold. He doesn’t mind wearing it one bit and there are so many different types of styles, sizes and materials out there to choose from.
  • Supervised Potty Breaks;
    As Rolo is outside in the wintertime I am always standing at the door watching him. We have a fenced in yard and he is to much of a sook to run away that I
    watch him for my own good to make sure he is ok and let him in as soon as he is done. In the summer time it is a little different as he likes to sunbathe in the yard and munch on grass like a cow, so I am a little more lenient during that season.
  • Pet Friendly Ice Melt:
    Ok before I got Rolo I did not know that such a thing existed! Like I mentioned above about your pet ingesting something harmful to them, well pet friendly ice melt is well just like the name suggests; pet friendly! Rolo & I actually purchased some for his former shelter; The Fort McMurray SPCA as a donation during Christmas Time as it gets slippery outside the building and there is always people coming in to walk to the dogs.1472961_666897886785795_1508288075228720897_n

We hope some of these tips help keep your pets safe while braving the cool elements outside. Be safe and use common sense♥

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5 thoughts on “Keeping your pets safe while braving the cold weather

  1. thebrokedog says:

    We just got two feet of snow – the most since adopting Henry – and I’ve learned that he does NOT like snow! He has a warm jacket and booties, but refuses to let me put the booties on him or wipe his feet. As soon as I come inside, I fill the tub an inch and have him stand in it to clean his feet. Living in the city, we encodings all sorts of salt and whatnot on the sidewalks – I wish he would let me put the booties on! Great post and Rolo looks adorable :)

    • Kimberley says:

      Thank you very much! we always see posts online by people about they are unsure of what they can do for their pets outside :) Rolo loves to share his ideas.

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