Book Review & Interview – Control On Leash by Michelle Huntting

IMG_3518Over this past month and a bit I have been reading the book “Control on Leash – Revolutionary Leash Walking Techniques For Dog Owners by Michelle Huntting” and now we are finally ready to share with you all our experience, plus we also have an exclusive interview with Michelle to share with you later on in the post. Rolo has always been a great walker especially on his leash and we keep up with that by constantly using positive reinforcement to remind him that he is doing a great job! Just because he can walk on a leash, we are always up for learning new techniques, tips and tricks and this book has just that. There is a lot in this book that I never thought to try with Rolo and I cannot wait to get outside with him in the summer and work on some of those new skills! (Hello Maternity Leave!)

“In Control On Leash Michelle Huntting explains in a fun, educational, easy to follow way, techniques to teach dogs polite leash walking. This book includes interesting information on biofeedback techniques, handling skills, and how to successfully communicate to your dog through body, voice, and leash positions, plus many other training exercises that you and your dog will benefit from. If you are a professional trainer, learn a new leash technique that will set your students up for success. If you are a pet owner, finally gain the beautiful leash walking skills, focus, and control you’ve always wanted” (Paragraph Credit:

Control on leash has 16 chapters that cover everything from tools of the trade (do you know what types of training tools you should be using?) to daily exercises for focus and relaxation to go through with your dog (were not talking about sit-ups, push-ups or yoga, we mean step by step instructions to help build a better bond with your dog while also working on cues). One of my favorite activities do to at Rolo’s former shelter is dog walking. Volunteering as a dog walker is a great way to help with training these dogs. As you can imagine, a dog who walks nicer on a leash is more appealing than a dog who just jumps up and pulls, so its vital when talking these dogs out that you help work on their walk. This book has given me so much information to work on with these dogs, not just walking straight on a leash but actually working on some commands, like for instance; stay,leave it and working with a target stick.

New to owning a dog or a “veteran” dog owner like me, this is a great book for you to read. There are tons of new information that you never would have thought about trying in here with easy to read instructions and descriptive photos.  We completely recommend this book and give it two big thumbs up, or two paws up in Rolo’s case. Where can you find this book?? If you read down just a  little bit there is a list of all the places you can get your paws on it!


Just like I had mentioned above, here is our exclusive interview with the Author of Control on Leash; Michelle Huntting! Welcome Welcome Welcome!

*What is the name of the book?
Control on Leash

*Who is filling out this interview?
Michelle Huntting

*What is your involvement with this book?

*How was the book started an   d what was your inspiration?
As a cross over trainer 11 years ago, I was frustrated when I walked my own 3 dogs. Without the prong collar on, they were a hot mess and by the end of walk I was too. When I decided I wanted to do training without force early on in my career, I tried all the methods positive trainers were teaching at the time. I wasn’t experiencing success so I set out to find answers. Along my 7 year journey of putting this book together, I created a positive leash walking method that works and also found a missing link when it comes to controlling your dog outdoors.

*When was it released?
December 2013

*What is the cost of the book?

*Who was it published by?
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

*Who was it written by?
Michelle Huntting

*Who was it illustrated by?
Variety of contributors

*Where can someone get a copy of this book?

Local Shops:
Alco Perry, Iowa
Bricks Street Books & Cafe Adel, Iowa
Natural Pet Essentials Charlottesville, Virginia
Carolina Pet Pantry Indian Trail, North Carolina
Planet Paws Pet Essentials, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

*How many pages is the book?
272 pages

*Who is the book targeted to?
Pet owners and professional trainers

*Come Connect with Michelle:
Twitter: @mhuntting116

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