Giving your pet the Purfect Pawdicure [Tips + Tricks]

Keeping your dogs paws fur free not only makes them look nicer but can also protect them. Normally you would think that having hair around the pads on their feet would protect them but really it does the opposite. It takes minutes to complete and will have your pet saying thank you! I always keep Rolo`s paws nice and clean but for this post I have been `growing them out`for some time now to show you how I upkeep them.

♥ Grip;
Rolo has a lot of issues with his hind legs and normally he wears grippy socks on his back feet for traction on our hardwood flooring in the house but keeping the hair trimmed around the pads can also provide more traction rather then them basically wearing fuzzy slippers around the house.

♥ Stylish;
Triming the fur around the pads also looks neater!

♥  Outdoor Messes;
Getting rid of the excess hair on their feet does so many things outside. Do you want your pet tracking mud, snow, sand or possibly feces into your house? Probably not! Having less things for these messes to stick to decreases the problem. Not to mention other hazards outside like antifreeze, road salt which could be hazardous if ingested. This is also why we also should be making our pets wear booties or thoroughly cleaning their paws when they come inside each time.

Tools for Triming
 – Comb
– Sissors
– Vaccume
– Paw Butter (we use homemade or FouFouBrand)
– If comfortable, you can always use a electric beard clippers/shaver too!


  • Identify the problem, Rolo grew out his paw hairs just for this
  • Brush out the paw hair to get out any knots, or possible debris
  • Trim with scissors or a electric beard trimmer
  • Apply paw butter & rub in
  • Have a happy dog with beautiful, neat & clean feet!

    Your pet will thank you for keeping their feet fur free! ♥

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