How Rolo & I celebrated #NationalLoveYourPetDay 2016

As you probably seen plastered all over social media on February 20th that it was National Love Your Pet Day! In our house we celebrate this each and every single day but I wanted to make the day just a little bit more extra special for Rolo. I planned a whole day for us and he had no idea! If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram you probably did see what we were up to on Saturday, If not…here is a recap!

Just to show Rolo’s excitement for being in the SUV, we took a red light selfie on our way to do some shopping! We stopped by Bone & Biscuit downtown to get some treats. A salmon skin wrap, pill pockets and another bag of training treats were purchased. I gave Rolo the salmon skin treat as soon as we got into the suv, he ate that thing up fast!

Winterplay is a festival that happens every year here in Fort McMurray. There are lots of things going on at the event and we wanted to get in on the fun! We headed down to the snye river where the was dog sled rides by our friend Christina of Mush McMurray as well as ice sculptures, fireworks, pond hockey and so much more! Rolo took a photo with the ice castle as he pretended he lived there as King.

Our next stop was Starbucks for a little pick me up! I got my normal, caramel machiatto and Rolo got himself a Pupachino, which is just a small cup filled with whipped cream. He made a mess and ate it within seconds! We enjoyed these at home as we watched a movie and had a nap. Hey isn’t that what pregnant ladies do on the weekend?

Rolo was pooped as you can tell from the photo of himself above. We decided to get back into the suv and head on up to a business that was selling cupcakes where the proceeds go to Rolo’s former shelter, the Fort McMurray SPCA. We made our donation and picked out two cupcakes. We had a lot of fun that day!

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