Ewegurt – Freeze Dried Treats {Product Review}

Today we are bringing you a pet product review for Ewegurt®! Ewegurt is a freeze-dried treat that is 100% natural containing Sheep’s Milk Yogurt (Sheep’s Milk, Yogurt Culture), Sardines, Kale, Beets, Parsley, Organic Coconut Oil, Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar. It acts as not only a yummy topper on your pets food but also a probiotic that has calming effects along with some other benefits, which we will mention in detail below!

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Benefits for Dogs:

♥ Helps support relaxation for dogs with all types of anxiety, fear or over excitement issues.
♥ Good for a sensitive tummy
♥ Perfect for lactose intolerant dogs.
♥ Supplies wonderful probiotics that support healthy digestion.
♥ Probiotics help build your dog’s immune defenses.
♥ Good for dogs on antibiotics.
♥ Promotes restful sleep and positive mood.
(Credit for above points: http://www.ewegurt.com/benefits-for-dogs)

Appearance & Design
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Let’s take a minute and talk about how adorable Ewegurt’s logo is! Incorporating a cute little sheep into it is PERFECT after all, it does contain sheep’s milk. On the back side of the packaging, I love that above the ingredient list, there are photos of what this is made up of. I have never seen that done before and I love it! The recommended dosages are also clearly indicated on the back side along with other helpful information about the product!


*Interesting Fact: Did you know that Sheep’s milk contains about one-third more energy than cow or goat milk? It has double the protein and much more of the right kinds of fats, vitamins and minerals, particularly calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc, while being lower in sodium. It has more than twice as much Vitamin C, and double or triple the other essential vitamins. Importantly, it also has more folic acid (folate). (Paragraph Credit: http://www.ewegurt.com/superfood)

Smell & Taste Test
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Well as you can tell from the photos below, Rolo gobbled up his sample of Ewegurt that I put into a fancy ice cream dish. After he was finished eating his little sample on his yoga mat in the kitchen, I took the bowl away and well sometimes he makes a mess when he eats so he was licking the yoga mat to get the fly aways! He didn’t want to miss one single fleck of Ewegurt! When we first got the product and I opened the bag, it smelled amazing, a sweet aroma which totally fit the color of the product. Of course Rolo wore his matching bandanna just to be in theme.


Creativity of Product
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First off, having this treat freeze tried, prolongs life and allows it to maintain its full nutritional value which to me is very important! Ewegurt can also be served as a dry food topper or be re-hydrated by adding equal amounts of water to it to make a wet mixture. I thought about this and fast forwarded this season to summertime here in Fort McMurray. I know some of you may make freezie pops for your pets like I do but what if you uses Ewegurt in it! Mix it up with some water, add some fruit chunks, pour into an ice cube tray and freeze! Perfect for that hot summer day!

Just as the website suggests, you should allow up to 40 minutes before the calming effects of Ewegurt start working. Rolo is not a hyper dog but he has had a lot of small issues in the past with his belly/esophagus, mainly doing this thing called retching. Which it is like a version of dry heaving and he also keeps sticking his tongue out continuously like a frog while gulping. It’s very strange but means that he possibly ate something that isn’t agreeing with him. He has visited the vet and been put on probiotics a hand full of times. Having a probiotic like Ewegurt in my house available at any time is perfect! It also keeps him regular with going to the bathroom, as I always check outside just to make sure after each bathroom break.

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