[Pet Product Review] Mineral Enriched Rescue Cream from Soos Pets™

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Have you ever heard of the Dead Sea? I have! Stretching at 50 km long, nestled between two countries; Jordan & Israel and 9.6 times saltier than the oceans! (WOW! that’s a lot of salt) The dead sea has been attracting people there for thousands of years due to it’s health properties. Soos Pets™ is North America’s first and only line of Dead Sea Products for pets and we are so excited to be able to conduct a pet product review on the Mineral Enriched Rescue Cream (also we will be trying out one of their shampoo’s in a warmer month). The Mineral Enriched Rescue Cream, better known as “Puppy Polysporin”, speeds healing, is a natural antibiotic & antiseptic and also soothes pain on contact.

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Let’s start this product review!

Appearance & Design
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As soon as I opened the little box I found this bottle of mineral enriched rescue cream. The rescue cream is the perfect size! It can fit in my purse, my vehicles first aid kit or even in Rolo’s travel bag! I was told, a little dab of the cream goes a long way so I remembered that when Rolo did his testing. One little marketing secret that I love about the product packaging is the color scheme. Doesn’t it make you think of a first aid bag, a lifeguard symbol or a paramedic? It totally does! Great job Soos Pets on the packaging!

Soos Pets helping you rescue:
♥ Salt damaged paws
♥ Skin Conditions ♥ Paw Problems ♥ Dry Elbows ♥ Bug Bites
♥ Hot Spots ♥ Cuts ♥ Sores ♥ Scrapes ♥ Wounds ♥ Eczema ♥ Acne

Creativity of Product
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I am all about using natural products to help with problems, including problems with myself. Instead of taking say medication for headache, I use peppermint essential oils and dab it on my temples. Anytime I can find products for Rolo and myself that are natural, we prefer them! Soos pets has created a great line of natural pet products and hey you can even use the rescue cream on yourself! Got a cut, got a burn…just ask your pet if you can use their rescue cream!

Why Soos Pets Rescue Cream Rocks!

♥ Natural topical treatment for wounds abrasions & damaged skin

♥ Speeds healing time as the Dead Sea minerals help with cell growth and regeneration
♥ Antibacterial & antiseptic
♥ Treats irritated skin, rashes, eczema, stings, sores & paw problems
♥ Harmless when licked
♥ Absorbs Quickly into skin
♥ Safe for human use
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Product Testing:
I tested the Mineral Enriched Rescue Cream on two parts of Rolo’s body as he doesn’t have any cuts, scrape or anything needing treated besides his dry elbows and paw pads. The dab that was put onto my finger was used for both areas we tried it out on. As you can see in the first photo of Rolo’s elbow, it is dry and flaky and his first two paw pads were dry around the edges. After rubbing in the rescue cream his elbow were soft and the flakiness disappeared.
IMG_4969Now let’s talk about the two paw pads that I applied the rescue cream to. I’ve made the photo bigger below with the before and after photo. If you check out the top of the first tow and the bottom of the second toe you can see the difference for yourself. Dry and rough went to smooth! A great feature about this product is it’s not greasy! As soon as it was rubbed into Rolo’s elbow & paw pads, it didn’t leave my fingers greasy or oily!

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Disclaimer: Confessions of a Rescue Mom received a bottle of Rescue Cream from Soos Pets for posting an honest review. The opinions expressed in this review are our own and were not influenced in any way. There was no monetary compensation.

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