Our 2800km Easter Weekend Roadtrip

Easter weekend was a very busy one for Rolo & I. We had a super extra long weekend as we had Friday & Monday off work but I also took Thursday off as well. March 14th my Grandmother peacefully passed away after a couple of years battling with Cancer. Her funeral service would be held on March 26th, during Easter Weekend. This gave me an opportunity to drive down and visit both my mom’s family & my dads family over the long weekend. I am so thankful that Rolo is an amazing traveler. He lets me know when its time for a potty break while doing an awkward dance in the backseat. He does a lot of sleeping but spends a lot of time with his head up looking at all the scenery.

(Above Photos) 1. All packed & ready to go! 2. always a happy boy traveling 3. Food Break in the SUV 4. At the BC border posing for a photo 5. Welcome to my hometown province Rolo.

Rolo and I made our way Wednesday after work to Edmonton (430km south of Fort McMurray). We bunked overnight at my best friends house and Rolo got to see his fur cousin Sidney, who is also a former shelter dog. We wanted to leave after work Wednesday to get a good chunk of our drive down for the next day.

(Above Photos) 1. Pitstop in Calgary to PetSmart 2. Shopping in PetSmart 3. Got some Easter gifts for Rolo and his two bff’s at work 4. We arrived at my mom’s 5. Nap time 6. Rolo’s Grandma (my mom) made him homemade treats, talk about spoiled 7. Selfie

Thursday morning bright and early we headed out to Cranbrook, BC. It was 700km drive and we made sure to make some pit stops along the way, including 30 or so minutes at PetSmart. We don’t have a PetSmart in Fort McMurray to every single time we go to either Edmonton or Calgary we stop to get some treats. We loaded up on some Easter items and even got Rolo’s BFF’s Beatrice & Kit a toy each. We stopped at the BC border sign for a photo and as soon as we arrived at mom’s house she had made him special doggie cookies! Talk about being a super spoiled grand-dog!

(Above Photos) 1. Columbia Brewery in Creston 2. With the Kokanee Beer mascot at the Columbia Brewery in Creston, BC 3. Scenery 4. Walking down the driveway at Grandma’s house 5. Sunrise at my Grandma’s house 6. Sitting on the couch inside my grandparents motor home 7. running around in their yard 8. Before my grandma’s funeral, we were all dressed up.

Friday afternoon after we ate our lunch we made our trek to my grandma’s house to meet up with my dad’s side of the family. It was a 250km drive to Fruitvale, BC which is right near Trail, BC. We stayed at Grandma’s house in their “tourbus”, it’s a converted Greyhound Bus into a super sweet house on wheels! It has been on many road trips to Arizona & Mexico! On Sunday after Easter breakfast Rolo & I made our trek back to my mom’s house to spend the night.
(Above Photos) 1. It snowed Sunday Morning 2. Rolo was excited for snow! 3. Easter Egg hunt at my moms 4. Rolo with all his loot 5. Smelling an egg just to see if there was treats left in this one 6. Easter Sunday Dinner, stuffing, turkey & veggies…spoiled again

(Above Photos) 1. Pitstop for a pee break 2. Deer in Invermere 3. Big horn sheep in Invermere 4. Pee Break near Paint Pots 5. My all time favorite mountain in the world, Castle Mountain

Monday morning at 7am we got up and made the long trek home which was a lot of kilometers to get done in a day but we have done it many times before. With being 31 weeks pregnant at the time, I had to do some stretching at each pit stop that we made, so our drive back did take a little bit longer then normal. Rolo talked to some big horn sheep & deer in Invermere, BC (we posted a video on our facebook, hes so funny). We arrived home, unpacked everything and then relaxed! We hope you all had a great Easter break!

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