Cooper: A Rescue Dog’s Tale [Coloring & Activity Book]

IMG_5964As a child I had always enjoyed coloring and drawing up a storm and at my age now I still feel the same sense of relaxation while coloring.  Cooper: A Rescue Dog’s Tale is a coloring and activity book for kids based on a true story that has been published by Helping Tales Publishers with the support of John Paul Pet. Not only will kids have fun coloring, learning and reading this book, a percentage of all book sales will be donated to select charities. WIN,WIN! We caught up with Gina the VP Sales & Marketing, John Paul Pet for an interview all about the book and John Paul Pet PAL’s Program.

*What is this book all about and why was it created?
The book is about a rescue pup named Cooper. My beloved dog Bailey, an Australian Shepherd died suddenly and I knew I wanted another Aussie. I connected with friends and many rescues and shelters on Facebook, but couldn’t find a pet! Many of my friends, recognizing that my Facebook page was covered with available pets asked if they could have their friends “like” my page because they too, were looking for a new pet. Finally, a friend of mine sent a photo of Cooper, an 18-month-old Aussie who lived with a foster dad in San Antonio. I fell in love with him, and wanted to adopt him, but Cooper had an infection and it was decided we would wait to meet until he was feeling better and through with his medication (10 days).

In the meantime, a woman in Austin saw my posts looking for an Aussie and she contacted me about a dog she rescued who was deaf. I arranged to meet this new dog, and the woman dropped him off in my yard, unloaded all of his things, and left! So here I was with a deaf Australian Shepherd who was very aggressive, plus I could not communicate with him. I found a trainer who would take him for a few days to teach him sign language, which gave me some time to figure out what I was going to do. When I picked up the deaf dog (Riley) to my surprise…he was a different dog! Now that he could communicate he was happy and balanced…no longer overly aggressive, and I fell in love with him. A week later, Cooper’s foster dad contacted me and said Cooper was ready for a visit. Now, I realized I could not take both dogs, and Riley would probably have a harder time finding a home because he is deaf – so I decided to find a friend who could take Cooper and I could be his step-mom. Neighbors of a friend who had just lost a dog were open to visiting with Cooper, so Cooper and his foster dad set out to meet the new family! This wonderful family already had two rescue dogs and Cooper fit right in! I learned that Cooper had a really rough 18 months of life, with three owners and almost being euthanized because of his energy, and I decided to write a story called “Cooper’s Story” from a dog’s perspective. I had the story copyrighted by John Paul Pet, and gave Helping Tales Publishers permission to use the story as the basis for Cooper, A Rescue Dog’s Tale. One of the most wonderful things about the book for me is that it is dedicated to Bailey, my Aussie who died suddenly, without whom this story could not have been written.IMG_5968*Tell us a little about the star of the book; Cooper?
Cooper is a beautiful Australian Shepherd with very, very wise eyes. I visited him a few months after he was adopted and took him a basket full of toys and bathing items (John Paul Pet is a grooming line) and got to play with him for a while. When I left, he followed me to the door and looked up at me as if to say “thank you.” It was as if a little human was inside that beautiful dog!

*Where can people get a copy of the book?
Cooper, A Rescue Dog’s Tale is available on, Barnes &, and at

*What is the cost of the book and how many pages is it?
$6.99, but available at a lower cost for those wanting to use it as a fundraiser. 48, coloring and activity pages.

*What is the John Paul Pet PAL’s Program?
Remember all those people who wanted to look at the pets on my Facebook page? We moved that off of my page and we created 52 pages, John Paul Pet PAL’s – (your state) where anyone can join the group for their state and share lost, found, or adoptable pets in their area. As with Cooper, if we work together, maybe we can keep pets out of rescues and shelters by just networking with our friends….

*Tell us about the campaign going on over at John Paul Pet’s PALS Facebook page?
Currently, if you go to the PAL’s Facebook page for your state and join, John Paul Pet will donate $1 to the Morris Animal Foundation. John Paul Pet has licensed the Cooper image from Helping Tales Publishers as our mascot for PALs (Passionate Animal Lovers)

*Come Connect with John Paul Pets:

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