Walk to Stop Animal Abuse 2016

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In 2011, after the Olympics in Whistler BC, the culling of the Whistler sled dogs was announced by the media. At the time, it was the largest animal cruelty case in Canada. As a response to the public outcry from the culling, Animal Abuse Prevention Day was proclaimed on April 23rd in the province of British Columbia.

This past weekend Rolo & I attended the 5th annual Walk to Stop Animal Abuse in our community, an event put on by Rolo’s former shelter; The Fort McMurray SPCA. As seen above, we have attended the walk since it was created here! The walk was developed by a dedicated group of  volunteers in Fort McMurray to bring awareness to the growing number of animal abuse and cruelty cases in our region, province and country. We are one of only communities in Canada that recognize this day outside of the province of British Columbia and all funds raised at our walk go to the Isabella Paws Fund that helps local animals the FMSPCA rescues that have special medical needs from injuries or illness due to abandonment, abuse or neglect.

This years event was a little different, normally at the event; people show up, register, mingle, hear the compassionate and moving speeches and then complete the pledged walk. I was really uber excited for this years event because I sat on the event planning committee so I knew the details of the event even before it was announced. It was a lot of fun planning and even more fun attending! This was a whole day affair filled with things for every one of all ages!

IMG_6766It started off with a pawcake(pancake) breakfast at 8:00am hosted by our local firefighters. Rolo and I both had some to eat, as we knew we needed to charge our selves up for the day’s event. I mean I was 34.6 weeks pregnant at the time of the event. The merchandise tent was open and they introduced some new swag at this years event, which we had to purchase! Around 9:00 am registration began where people could turn in their pledges, buy tickets for the lunch BBQ & raffle tickets, where you can get your pet (cat or dog) featured on the back of 1 of 2 Diversified buses (Click Here for Information). At 10:30am the speeches kicked off. I look forward to hearing these every year, as they are always different and inspiring, moving and make you think. After the speeches wrapped up at 11:00am, the walk began! The RCMP in their red surge, police dog, Chet (who looked a lot like Rolo) & the RCMP mascot Monty led the way for the 3km walk along the Snye River. After people returned it was BBQ time! There was also a few canvas’ on a table with some paw friendly paint & markers where people could leave their mark of attendance as this was our sort of “guest book” that will be hung up at the FMSPCA (located at 155 MacAlpine Crescent). Music played and we all mingled and took photos. It was truly a great day and I was so honored to attend and be apart of it!

Want to see all of my MANY photos I took from the event? Head on over to our Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/rescuemomblog and you will find my album with 150 photos from the day!

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