Times are tough but Albertan’s are tougher; Our experience during the Fort McMurray Wildfire [Part 2]

13161918_726776464131270_7040875624231767423_oIt’s been just a little over two weeks since we packed up our vehicles and headed south for safety (you can read part 1 by clicking here). It still seems so surreal to me that I can’t just pack up my SUV and drive back to Fort McMurray at any given time to return home. Today I wanted to share with you all what I feel my dog has done for me during the evacuation as we all know the bond Rolo & I share is unbreakable. Later on I will be doing a part 3 blog post about all of the amazing people & business’s who have helped us personally along the way. BUT FIRST,

The day before the evacuation, I created this “Be Prepared” photo to share around on social media to help prep some people in-case of an evacuation. I actually followed it myself when pre-packing my families bags as a precaution. Feel free to save this photo and spread it around, it was a big help!

♥ Dogs are special, I swear they have super powers where just having them around you makes you feel better no matter what situation you are in, good or bad. Don’t you agree??
PicMonkey CollageRolo’s most favorite place to be is in the SUV with me driving. He makes the perfect road-trip buddie and I am always thankful for his company. Driving through town trying to head south was very stressful, the roads were jam-packed with vehicles. Traffic lights and signs didn’t seem to mean anything, just like driving down the wrong side of the road. Which we in fact did (first photo – hey we were instructed by the police to do so!). As soon as we made it south of town, through all of the smoke there was a sigh of relief (2nd photo). Of course I’ve been told that stress induces labor, so I tried remaining calm. Did some breathing techniques that I learned at yoga, cleared my mind and envisioned that we were just on our way to go camping at the camper. I didn’t want to think about the house, the memories or our belongings. Each time I checked my mirror, Rolo was sitting up the entire time, smiling away. The smile never left his face the whole drive down to the camper (2 hours away!). Looking at him reassured me that we were going to be OK.

We are #FortMacStrong – We will Rebuild – We are all in this together ♥

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One thought on “Times are tough but Albertan’s are tougher; Our experience during the Fort McMurray Wildfire [Part 2]

  1. Sally Hummel says:

    Oh I wanted to keep reading soooo much!!! As I read your story, and looked at the photos, I couldn’t help but think of how brave you are! I’m hoping your house survived the fire…..and I’m so very glad that you had Rolo with you to help be that calming influence as well as your hope for good days ahead! Sending love and hugs….hoping the best for you!!

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