From scared stray to proud big brother [Update]

When we adopted Rolo, I made him a few promises. One being, I will never give up on you. With Rolo being a stray and not knowing his full story, it’s hard to determine what modded him to be the way he was. I can imagine that Rolo has always been a fearful dog, I don’t want to think about what has made him that way but all I know is that I can’t change his past, I can only improve his future. I have worked very hard at molding him into the dog he is today. He has surpassed my expectations and I credit a lot of his improvement to positive reinforcement. He still has some things to work on, but that will come in time and we won’t be rushing anything. When we first adopted him in 2011, he was scared of everything including myself but he mainly had a lot of issues with men and children.  This was something  we needed to work on. 

As our bond grew he opened up to me and became my sidekick. It took a lot more time for him to get used to my husband, and still till this day if he is watching sports and cheers. Rolo gets startled and needs reassurance from Brett that he isn’t mad at him. What does Brett do?
♥ praise
♥ treats
♥ pets & scratches

All positive reinforcement. Just like his fear in kids, I have a step son and a young nephew and each of them both know that they are not allowed to hug Rolo. Each of them have taken turns giving Rolo treats with me beside them. He has done very well with that and I know what signs to look for to tell if he is getting uncomfortable. I only did these sessions in small doses. Now with having a new baby in our house, of course I was concerned with how Rolo was going to feel.  As far as I know, he has never been around a new born. 

With Rolo going from being a absolute spoiled dog with 100%of my attention to a dog who has to share his mom time with a new baby, of course it was going to be a definite change but He is treated the exact same, prior to baby.  Tenley takes time each day to spend bonding with Rolo, sometimes a few times a day. As I want Rolo to open up to her
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