Fall Inspired – How to take the perfect fall pet photos

fall-pet-photosPictures; a way to capture memories you have created and keep them forever. The amount of photos I have plastered all over Facebook, on my walls at home, in photo albums and stored in my computer seems infinite! I love capturing memories and reminiscing back on them at a later time with friends and family. Our Confessions of a Rescue Mom Facebook Page & Instagram account hold many stories told through pictures! If you haven’t checked them out be sure to do so:
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As we are sticking with our “fall inspired theme”, Rolo & I wanted to share a little “How To” on taking some perfect fall photos of your pet or pets. As the leaves have morphed into beautiful hues of orange, red & yellow we used them as a prop in our photos. I gathered up some leaves and a fall inspired vase I had around the house and went out to the backyard. I brought some training treats(Dog for Dog Treats) as well for motivation, after all this is how I get Rolo to put his ears up. After I had Rolo in position, I added the leaves & vase around him. I took some leaves and actually threw them so they would land as if they fell from a tree. Rolo was in position, props were looking good. I got down level with him, pretended to throw the treat. His ears went up and “SNAP”, The end result —> a Perfect Photo! Sometimes it takes a few tries to get him to put his ears up, but that’s okay because the photos come out great!
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