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We caught up with Foster Carr, who is the owner & founder of Kelp Dog to conduct a business spotlight interview and have the chance to test out one of Kelp Dog’s products! To be honest, I didn’t know much about kelp or it’s benefits, just basically that it is found in the sea. Kelp is known as a sea vegetable…OK I have never heard of this term before, BUT I love it! It is high in minerals and contains vitamins A, B, E, D and K.  Kelp is a great source of iodine which helps promote thyroid function. There are so many great reasons why kelp is great for your pups! Just turn to some trusted online resources for answers. Kelp Dogs makes affordable products (ranging from $12-$29) for not only pets but they also carry a kelp lip balm for humans! Stay tuned we have a product review & giveaway coming your way!

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 *Where does your Kelp comes from?
Our Kelp is hand-harvested from the pristine ocean waters of Northern B.C. Canada.
♥ The Kelp beds are in a highly protected area with fast flowing cold ocean water which is optimal for producing high quality kelp.
♥ The harvesting location is monitored by the Department of Fisheries & Oceans and BC Agriculture (Marine Plants) regarding suitability for human consumption.
♥ Harvesting is done in a manner that respects the sensitive and complex nature of the Kelp forests. Only a small percentage (less than 10%) is harvested throughout the annual season.
♥ With this limited supply of high quality kelp it can sometimes cause large product demands, but we feel that the sustainability and preservation of the Kelp forest is much more important


*Why was this business started?
We started Kelp Dog because our own dog had a cracked and dry nose. There were very few products out there that were not petroleum-based so we formulated our own Balm recipe based on the power of Kelp, which cleared up her cracked and dry nose after only applying for a few days! ( <– Photo Credit:

*What do you specialize in?
Kelp Dog specializes in all­-natural kelp products for dogs. Our current product line includes Kelp Shampoo, Spritz, Balm, and Kelp Blend Supplement. We even have a kelp lip balm for our dog owners.

*What makes your company different from other companies?
Our approach is to get back to basics and provide products with fewer ingredients that can be pronounced and understood. Wild sustainable Kelp and its natural medicinal benefits is the focus of our products.

*What is the company’s vision?
Provide more holistic solutions to dogs and their owners to help reduce the over prescribing of commercial medications. We also strive to grow a friendly positive online community with fellow dog owners who appreciate the simpler things that our dogs provide/teach us in order to be better people in this crazy human world.

*Any special events coming up this year for you?
We are participating in a Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway that will support a charity called Best Friends Animal Society.

*What inspires you?
Knowing that we make positive changes in many dogs lives. From improving skin issues and coat health to providing our furry companions with much needed complex minerals for lifelong vitality.

*Got any pets? Tell us about them.
yes!! I am fortunate to have had several furry companions in my life. Currently I have a 3yr Boxer named Sophie. She keeps me grounded and has been a real inspiration to start Kelp Dog and keep it fun!
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*What do you plan to accomplish with your business in 2016?
Our plan is to get a positive message out there to dog owners that appreciate the benefits of wild kelp and natural products. We are working towards providing our products to smaller pet stores nationwide to complement our positive message.

*Do you do any charity work? If so, what?
We love to work with charitable organizations as part of their fundraising efforts. We receive lots of interest and do our best to participate in as many as possible.

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