Potty Bells by Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co. [Product Review]


We adopted Rolo at an older age, he knew how to sit and shake a paw, that is about it. Over the years we have broken that stereotype of; can’t teach and old dog new tricks by in fact teaching him a bunch of tricks and molding him into the way he is today. All with positive reinforcement, trust & praise, OK! and treats. I had always wanted to test out potty bells and we got a chance at it. Although Rolo does take a little extra time to learn he still proves that he can do it!  (Photo Credit Below: Lucas King via Email)

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Let’s start this product review!

First lets talk about the product design and the packaging. The potty bells come in a package that allows you to see the product through a window in the front. I like how the potty bells come in various colors along with either silver or gold embellishments. The one we reviewed was the white with silver bells. At the top of the potty bells is a metal bell-shaped logo, on the backside it says I ♥ My Dog. (Below Photo Credit: http://www.pottybells.com)

 Rolo is all about a routine. So adding into his routine that we built together over the past 5 years, I knew was going to be a challenge. I knew that Rolo has learned things before, it would just take some extra time. After all I am very patient but with a newborn baby in the house there isn’t a specific time frame where I could teach him. So when I had free time, we worked on it.

Step 1: I first got him familiar with this new product that would be entering his life. Below I put the potty bells in front of him, let him sniff them and shook them so he knew that they made a sound. Our basement door is the door that goes out into the yard, where Rolo does his business. I took one of those no mess clips, attached it to the window about 6 inches away from the handle and attached the potty bells. I knew this is where Rolo would be most comfortable with having it. After all, I tend to modify things a little for him as he is a stubborn old man.
picmonkey-image1Step 2: Each time he went outside, I would ring the bells first so he would associate the bells sound with going outside. I worked in small doses with him. 4 minutes here, 2 minutes there, 10 minutes when I could squeeze it in at various times throughout the day. We used a lot of small treats, praise and a key word “touch” to teach him how to of course, touch the potty bells. I started with them in my hand almost like I was going to “shake a paw”, I would than say “touch”. When he would touch them, he would get rewarded with a treat.

Step 3: Once he mastered this, I than allowed the potty bells to dangle against the window and continued on with the word touch. If he got it correct, I would open the door, go outside with him and give him a treat. Although when I was filming him, I didn’t have enough hands for holding treats, camera and opening the door, so once the video stopped I allowed him to go outside, where he got his treat.

I was so excited when I was in the basement and actually got to film him doing it without any commands. He did it by his choice, because he wanted to go for a pee break. Of course I sent it to my husband right away. His reply. “oh yeah he has been doing that a lot”, I asked why he didn’t film it for me as he is in the basement more than I am. I guess I forgot to mention it to him that I was trying to capture it. BUT I did end up getting it!

I am actually thinking about switching it up and reverse training Rolo with the potty bells as well. He loves to spend time in the yard normally longer then I like to stand at the window watching. He normally knocks on the window after 15 or so minutes, but If I installed a clip outside, he would be able to ring the bell to tell me to let him in. Ring to get out, ring to get back in! Genius!

In conclusion, we love the Caldwell’s Potty Bells! They are great quality and come in various colors to match your home decor. Rolo also enjoyed learning something new! Take that, whoever said an old dog cant learn new tricks, because he just proved you wrong! Now where can you get your paws on this product? Find out by clicking Let’s Shop below!
letshopDisclaimer: Confessions of a Rescue Mom received a classic potty bell from caldwell’s pet supply co. for posting an honest review. The opinions expressed in this review are our own and were not influenced in any way. There was no monetary compensation.


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