A Fresh New Start – Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017.

We are here, we made it!
We are alive & healthy!
We have expanded our family!
We are ready to conquer 2017!

15826118_864050383737210_1206655534562170971_nLet me tell you, 2016 did not go how I planned  life-wise which took a toll on my blog but I made the most of what I was given at the time.  As you most probably know, in May my entire city of 88,000+ people were issued a mandatory evacuation because of a wildfire that was eating away at the surrounding forest and even took some neighborhoods including coming 20 steps away from my house. I was 8 months pregnant at the time of evacuation so I knew how important it was to stay positive and not stress out. We spent two months in BC at my mother’s house and two months in a hotel room in Fort McMurray. In June they opened up our area to restricted access which meant we were able to go there from 8am-8pm. Each time we went in we had to sign in and sign out. It was like visiting jail. We spent the time coordinating with our insurance to get the house in tip-top shape to move home although at the time we had no idea where that would be. It was 121 days from the evacuation date until we were able to move home full-time. I cannot be more thankful to be back in our home and my heart aches for those who were unable to return home and those still fighting with insurance so that they can go home. Read our entire Evacuation Story here : Click Here

At the end of may Rolo’s little sister arrived! Healthy & adorable! It’s crazy to think that yesterday she turned 7 months old. Like seriously, where does all the time go. I totally understand now when people say don’t blink! She has turned into a little bubbly baby who is so intrigued by animals (I wonder where she gets that from). She loves laying on the floor and staring at Rolo. Now that she is rolling around, that is her new way of transportation. She cant seem to get close enough to Rolo and I am so happy that he is so patient with her. Come meet her: Click Here.

I have been blogging for a while using a laptop, which is older and over time became extremely slow! So slow to the point where I would get super frustrated! Last year after we got back home during evacuation, I purchased a desk from Ikea. This was my first step into having that office feel in my home. I was using a kitchen chair at the time. My husband must have heard me complaining about how uncomfortable it was sitting there. On my birthday in December, my family surprised me with a great office chair. Its comfy and I am so grateful for it! With that extremely slow laptop my husband knew how much I wanted an actual desktop computer that for Christmas that sneaky man went out and got me one. I am so blessed to have such a thoughtful husband! Now that I have a new computer, a desk with a comfy chair. We are ready to rock 2017! Let me share some of my goals for the year with you.

2017 Personal & Goals
♥ Eat healthier, mainly cut back on the candy intake (use fitbit & my fitness pal app)
♥ Join a few mommy groups with Tenley to help socialize her
♥ Increase Rolo’s walk frequency
♥ Travel more! Whether it’s camping, road trips or flying
♥ Create at least 3 good home cooked meals a week
♥ Help Rolo cut back on the seizures, start using frankincense possibly cbd oil
♥ Cut back on the cellphone usage when friends/family are around

2017 Blogging Goals
♥ Increase followers on social media accounts
♥ Spend more time networking
♥ Create mini goals each month and help achieve them
♥ Strategize blog posts
♥ Use Hootsuite more often
♥ Help promote more animal rescues
♥ Finish re-vamping blog

 If you haven’t noticed already but we have already started re-vamping our entire blog, we still have some more work to do that will take time but some changes you will notice so far:
– new layout with new fonts
– updated banner
– more tabs at the top
– pet product reviews sorted into categories
– meet Rolo & meet Kimberley tabs
– tab that highlights our philanthropy efforts
– social media links at the bottom of the page

Rolo & I wish you a very successful and happy new year!
Thank you for staying on this journey with us and we promise to make 2017 an amazing one for our blog!


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