Petcurean [Business Spotlight]

Happy Monday Everyone. Before we jump right into our pet product review, I caught up with Christine Mallier Petcurean’s communications manager(of events, customer service & pr teams) for a little business spotlight. Stay tuned for our product review! “It’s lip licking good” ~ Rolo

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*How long have you been with the company for?
Just under 3 years

*How long has this business been around for?
Petcurean was founded in 1999

*Why was this business started?
Petcurean is a family-owned Canadian company that creates premium quality, nutrient-rich food for pets, to help our dogs and cats get the most out of their lives with us. The company was founded on the idea that pets deserved better: that pets deserved food that was made with the same love and care as we put into preparing meals for our own families.

13615349_1171725482858945_5009488077274980627_n*Got any pets? Tell us about them.
I have three rescue cats that I adopted from the cat shelter I volunteer at. Beatrix (16yr old) whose favorite place to sleep is under the covers with me; Mary Poppins (13yrs old) whose feet never seem to be on the floor, she’s always up high somewhere; and Glacier (11yrs old) who was the nastiest, meanest cat at the shelter and turned into a love muffin within 24 hours of me bringing him home!  I love giving senior cats a home and so often they blossom and any behavioral issues disappear once they get into their forever home.

*What makes your company different from other companies?
To this day, Petcurean remains fiercely independent and lives by the rule of quality first, pets first, without compromise. We’re pet people, pet owners, pet advocates and more than a little obsessed with proper pet nutrition.
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*What is the company’s mission?
We provide nutritionally balanced and superior quality pet food choices which always put the pet’s overall health & wellness first; while embracing a deep rooted sense of responsibility to our customers, our people, and our community.

*What is the price range?
SPIKE SRP $10.99

*Do you do any charity work? If so, what?
I volunteer at a local cat shelter :)

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