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Good Morning Pet Lovers! As  you may have seen from our updates on social media, we are heading to the Edmonton Pet Expo January 28-29th! I got in contact with some rescues attending this years event and I will be doing some social media promoting for them, because I love rescues! The second rescue we are going to spotlight is Barrhead Animal Rescue Society also known as BARS. We caught up with Sara who is  a member of the Communications and Feline Divisions, as well as the Event Coordinator. She says “We’re a tiny rescue and we all wear many hats!” for a little Q & A session. Cant wait to checkout their booth!

12472568_1068508033212884_8347153543359647030_n  Come Connect With BARS;
Email: admin@barrheadanimalrescue
Facebook: (This is the BEST method to stay current on BARS stuff)
Twitter: @barsrescue
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*Where is the organization located?

We were founded in Barrhead, hence the name, but we are now based primarily in Edmonton with a few foster homes in Barrhead, Spruce Grove, and some other rural areas near Edmonton. We actually have no “shelter” per say, we are 100% operated out of volunteer foster homes! ( Logo Photo Credit:

*As we all know the Edmonton Pet Expo is coming up January 28 & 28th, what types of things can we find at your booth?
Kittens! We are hoping to have our “T babies” at the event, they’ll be about 2 months old by then. Also some pups, if we can. We’d like to bring our “box pup” whose story we’ve featured online lately, and Benz, who was surrendered to us with a shattered leg that he’d been suffering with for at least a month by the vet’s estimate… we have some sad puppy stories and we want to showcase these guys because they deserve ALL the loving. We are also hoping to have handmade cat toys for sale (things stuffed with catnip primarily), and we always do a raffle–this year it looks like there will be a cat tree in the raffle prize pack.

15826236_1294731700590515_2369595750902923053_n*What types of animals do you have at your Animal Rescue/Shelter?
Dogs, cats, and we are just starting a small animals program… we’ve adopted out three ferrets so far, and we’ve connected with the now defunct Alberta Ferret Society to try to revitalize ferret rescue in Alberta. We don’t do bunnies… we rely on our sister rescue Infinite Woofs for bunnies.

*If someone wanted to become a volunteer, how could they?
They can email volunteer@barrheadanimalrescue or visit our website at to find and fill in our application form!

*What types of items do you accept for donations?
We are always willing to take blankets, food dishes, dog collars and leashes. We would LOVE to get donations of cat litter, although we ask that it’s unscented and clumping. Our intake home for cats uses paper pellets in the crate litter boxes, so donations of that is also very helpful for us! We are VERY grateful for those wishing to donate food, but we ask that they contact us to ask what is on our wish-list currently (our food-donation partners sometimes can help and sometimes can’t, so sometimes we REALLY need wet food, sometimes not, and sometimes we need certain brands of dry food in particular). And of course, gift card and cash donations are helpful too! Cash donations above $20 will be issued a tax receipt. Donations can be made via our website ( or at any event we’re at, or by letting us know you’d like to send a cheque in the mail! (Event Photo Credit:

*Do you sell any shelter swag? If so what?
We have a selection of apparel, although our merchandise team is in transition so our inventory is a bit thin at the moment. If people would like to see what we have on offer, we have an album on our Facebook page to peruse, and if they’d like to order something in particular they can ask us! (Kimberley: How cute is this t-shirt!)

12991039_1081384808591873_8146004424775531525_n*What is the adoption process like?
All adoptions begin with the Adoption Questionnaire (

Dogs: The canine team reviews the application and will contact successful applicants to arrange a home check. Once the home check is complete, the selected adopter is contacted and the process (paperwork and fees) is finalized. We get a LOT of applicants per dog, especially on our puppies, so there may be some emailing back and forth to clarify answers or something. (Shirt Photo Credit:

Cats: The process depends on whether the animal is being adopted as we have space in Meadows PetSmart for some cats. If through PetSmart: the application is filled out (on paper 99% of the time… most PetSmart adopters don’t check our kitties online before heading to store because… why would they?), the staff at PetSmart clarify anything to their satisfaction, and then the paperwork is filled out and fees are paid. If not through PetSmart: the application is filled out and submitted, and the feline team (and the foster home that the cat is living in) reviews the application. The applicant is contacted to arrange a time for a meet and greet and to complete the adoption (paperwork, fees) if desired.

Small animals adoption is still being formalized, but currently follows the same path as felines, except that we don’t have ferrets in PetSmart.

*Anything else you want to add?
We are 100% volunteer run! Related to that, every person in our rescue has a “day job” to attend as well. Our team is made up of some of the most dedicated people out there, but we sometimes can’t respond to public inquiries/comments right away because of these other commitments–if someone has submitted an application or sent an email and hasn’t heard back in 48 hours, they should definitely try again, but we ask for about 48 hours time to respond normally. (We usually respond within the day, but sometimes life changes all the plans.)

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