Ferris and Char Char Cosmetics – Makeup that gives back to rescues [Product Review]

Well it’s not very often that I get to take the reins and conduct my very own product review on our blog. I am very excited to be doing a sponsored review of three lip gloss shades from the Ferris and Char Char Cosmetics Line. You may have wondered why we are doing a review on lip gloss today on our pet blog? Well friends, Ferris and Char Char Cosmetics give back to animal rescues with every purchase!  Hello? Makeup and Animal Rescues? Let me shop!

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To learn more about Ferris and Char Char, check out our exclusive interview with them:
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Let’s start this product review!

First let’s talk about the product design & packaging. The lip gloss came in a small brown shipping box that contained a postcard sized info card, a small envelope with a business card and also a thank you for your purchase card along with three lip glosses in their own separate mini boxes. Ferris and Char Chars obvious theme color is black and teal and inside the brown shipping box was teal paper shreds. I really liked this touch as it filled up the dead space in the box (there wasn’t much) but also goes with their theme instead of using just plain packing paper, bubble wrap or packing peanuts. The lip gloss is the size of well, a lip gloss. Fits in your pocket, purse or diaper bag. You can clearly see the color through the transparent casing.

♥ Paraben Free ♥  Hypo-Allergenic ♥ Allergy Tested ♥ Non-Comedogenic (doesn’t block pores) ♥ Cruelty Free ♥

Now the shades I am reviewing are a part of the Celebrity Animals of Instagram Lip Gloss Collection. There are still many other colors available too! Ones with cream finish, pearl finish, nudes, brights and mellow warm colors! Ok, and if there was such a thing as smell-vision, I would let you smell this product! It smells like vanilla, one of my all time favorite scents! Looking good & smelling good makes you feel good!


Shades Being Reviewed:
#196 – Petal (Light Muted Peachy Blush Nude with a Cream Finish)
#174 – Paddington (Pinked Peach with a Pearl Finish)
#102 – Wheels (Cranberry with a Cream Finish)

Now don’t get me wrong, when I was a younger gal I slapped on a lot of makeup, sometimes too much before going out. Now with being a busy wife & mother, I have toned down the makeup process and keep my daily look much simpler with eyeliner on the top lid, mascara, a little bronzer on the cheeks and usually a lip gloss or chap stick. One thing I love so much about lip gloss is how much it can change your look. Like check out the “wheels” lips on the far right! Add a little dark eye shadow to the crease of your eye and your ready for a night out! The other two colors(paddington & petal) are more everyday colors for me. Easy to spice up your look with a little gloss.


(Left to Right) My naked lip, Paddington, Petal & Wheels

Not only does Ferris and Char Char make lip gloss but a whole variety of items to fill your makeup case like; blush, eye shadow, liner, mascara, lipstick and concealer just to name a few! PLUS they give back 10% of your entire purchase to a partnered animal rescue of your choice like Rolo’s former shelter the Fort McMurray SPCA. After you have added your items to your shopping cart, that you will find in the top right hand corner. Click Checkout. You will be brought to the page that is featured below. Under Shelter/Rescue scroll until you find Alberta – Fort McMurray SPCA or whichever shelter you like. You can also make an additional donation to them too!


Photo Credit: Screenshot from http://www.ferrisandcharchar.com

Overall I am really happy with my products! They look great on, smell amazing and you don’t have to dip the wand into the lip gloss 15 times to get great coverage. Not to mention how nice the owner Amber is, which is always a plus when working with brands! I’m excited to see where Ferris and Char Char goes, as it was just launched in November 2016. This brand has happily been #RoloApproved. So now where can you get your beautiful face on this amazing cosmetics line? Find out by clicking Let’s Shop below.letshop
Disclaimer: Confessions of a Rescue Mom received three lip glosses from ferris and char char cosmetics for posting an honest review. The opinions expressed in this review are our own and were not influenced in any way. There was no monetary compensation.

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