A busy, happy life as a mom & dog mom. My key to keeping sane.

I have always been an extremely busy person! Before Tenley was born I was working a 8-5pm job, blogged after work, spent many hours volunteering,  while keeping the house clean, and my family fed. Hello SuperMom! I love being busy and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but don’t get me wrong, I do like my candlelit baths, massages and drinking some wine while watching reality TV. I get asked so often, how do I do it?  How do I go through life being a special needs dog mom, a step mom and also now a mom of a 9 month old baby and staying sane. The key? Organization! and I am going to spill the beans on how I make this busy life work and keep me sane and happy.

Ok, growing up I was not a kid of organization(ask my mom, who thankfully cleaned my room *blushes*), it’s something that I grew into as I spread my wings and left the nest. I myself pride myself in having a guest worthy house. Which means, people can pop in and I don’t have to scramble to pick up dirty dishes, paper towel on the counter or put away all the makeup on the bathroom counter. So on and so forth.

1. G
et a planner or a desktop calendar.
2. W
rite in all your things that wont change; birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations.
3. N
ext add in all your events, appointments for your whole family as soon they pop up. Every event, this includes husbands hockey games, training for work, days he is working and days off….everything!
I like to keep my planner on my desk open to the page that corresponds to todays date. If I go out, I bring it with me. Never know when I may get a call about scheduling an appointment. I want every single thing to be in this book.
5. E
very night before bed, I take a peek to see what is up the next few days especially with tomorrow so I can mentally prepare. If I know I am going to go to the gym tomorrow, I have my bag packed ready to go. Its Sunday and I know my stepson goes to school tomorrow, his bag is packed and lunch ready to go. This saves me from doing it in the morning when I am trying to get the baby ready and breakfast made.
6.The babies diaper bag is ALWAYS packed except for formula. As soon as I get home from somewhere with her and know she had a snack and a bottle and needed a new diaper. I refill the diaper, snack and wash the bottle. SO much easier than being out and forgetting.
7. Rolo’s medication; as this is crucial in his life, I have a pill organizer for him. As his pills are split up into am & pm the organizer helps me make sure  I didn’t forget to give him a dose.

Although I only do a full on floor vacuum and mop once a week. I like to think my house is pretty clean on a day to day basis even with having a baby, son, husband, dog and myself. A pretty good rule I live by is; If I go to bed with a clean house, I get to wake up to a clean house. 
1. Tidy up before you go to bed. Put the dishes in the dishwasher, turn it on at night if its full. I prestock Tenleys diapering station to make sure its full of diapers & wipes. Bottles are all sanitized and the Baby Brezza (lifesaver, is full of water & formula)
2. Got kids in school or daycare, pre assemble their lunches and snacks so they are ready for the morning.
3. Each season I declutter my home going through clothes and selling the ones that don’t fit or we don’t wear. Donating items we no longer need or use. Less is more!
4. Laundry; I try to do this twice a week instead of running 2 loads back to back in the same day. Its faster to put away and you don’t have to stare at the pile for a while.
5. A good smelling home makes you feel better. Ok I totally agree with this! My mom was a rep for Scentsy back in the day so I have a TON of warmers, pug ins and melts. Once a week I swap out the wax and put in a new one, leaves my house smelling great. Although if your cooking something powerful like with garlic, I find I have to replace more than one at a time to overpower that scent that just went through my house.

What do you do to make your life more organized?

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  1. 25castleson25clouds (@25cson25cs) says:

    I love these tips and completely agree with your comment about going to sleep in a clean house means you wake up in one. I think I have finally made it as an adult as I had a party at mine on Friday night and I did all the cleaning up before I went to bed. I was so impressed with myself

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