Celebrate Purple Day 2017 with us!

Today is our 6th year participating in Purple Day®. After almost 3 years of my life with no dog, I couldn’t wait to get that bond back with out next furry friend! You see just 1 month after we purchased our home our family grew by 4 paws. These 4 paws belonged to a dog who needed some help and guidance to transform into the magical, spectacular dog he is today. I do truly believe that he was brought into the shelter to find our family. People with patience and a nurturing side who wouldn’t give up on him like past families. You see, we adopting Rolo knowing that he had likely a lifelong neurological disease called Epilepsy. When we met him, I had absolutely NO IDEA that animals could have Epilepsy. After going home that day I did a lot of online research. Although I don’t think it would have effected our decision to adopt him. I was so happy when we filled out our adoption papers and he got to come home with us.

We have teamed up with Fur Angel Gibson from Fivesibes and Olivia of Knotty Toys for Good Dogs to bring you a wicked blog hop (paw here to get directions on how to participate if you have a blog) and online facebook event (paw here) to help spread awareness about Epilepsy. This year I wanted to do something a little different. What better way to celebrate and raise awareness by sharing some stories from people online. We asked people who adopted animals with Epilepsy, like us, WHY?

Dave.K:  I adopted Vixy from MHHR 5 months after my previous husky passed at 15 1/2 years. I was interested in her based on the description of her personality. Her medication costs were listed and were affordable. I had no experience with epilepsy in either humans or dogs, but was willing to accept and deal with it. Tara from MHHR brought Vixy over for a meet and greet, and Vixy had a small seizure in front of us in the backyard. She quickly recovered and went back to exploring the yard. In short, we adopted Vixy and she became the best dog I’ve ever had.

Cindy.D: I’ve always had Dalmatians . When one came available that had epilepsy I inquired because she had beautiful markings and the most gorgeous blue eyes. I had a dog previously with Epilepsy so I thought she wouldn’t be difficult. A few pills each day and she would be fine. I had no idea that sometimes medication doesn’t work. But this beautiful girl is sweet and loving and gentle and I wouldn’t give her up for anything

Natalie.K: I went to the humane society for a work outing, the partner of the CPA firm where I worked was on the board. I had been looking for a bull mastiff for ages with no luck. I also knew I didn’t have time for a puppy. As we rounded the last row of kennels there was Major. I can’t explain it…I knew as soon as I saw him. He had kind eyes. I asked for information on him. He was dropped off at the shelter an hour earlier. They skeepishly told me he was old for a mastiff at 7…and also he had epilepsy ( but that it was controlled with medicine). I already made up my mind that he was for me. He’s been the light of my life the past 2.5 years. Honestly they didn’t tell me much about the epilepsy. They didn’t tell me he had break through seizures. They didn’t tell me how awful they were to watch. I’m not sure if that would have changed my decision to adopt him. I fell in love with Major the epilepsy was just part of him.

Peggy.B : My Zipper came into the clinic where I work with seizures at 8 weeks old. Owners wanted to euthanize but I really wanted to give her a chance. They signed her over. She went 10 years without another seizure and was the best dog ever! Miss her everyday.

Margo.P: I was looking to adopt a senior goldendoodle to add to my family and I happened to be looking on a goldendoodle chat page. A woman had reached out to the group for help with her 3 year old pup as her husband had drawn the line on continuing to spend money on meds and care and was intending to euthanize him. She and I spoke for hours as she filled me in on all of his history, and a few days later, she was on a plane with him, making the journey from Washington to Pennsylvania. Life changed tremendously when he came into our world, but taking care of him has taught me a lot about myself and my unlimited capacity for care. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Niki.U: I adopted Muffin because in the Arab world unless a dog is perfect they will most likely be discarded. They are viewed as status symbols, particular breed dogs like Muffin. So, I was concerned as to what would happen to him. I didn’t want him ending up at the thieves market or as bait for dog fights. And, I already have two special needs dogs, both also adopted here in Jordan. So, I adopted him.

Don’t forget to MARK YOUR CALENDARS with these special Epilepsy days:
February 13th – International Epilepsy Day (Always the 2nd Monday in February )
March 26th – Purple Day
August 8th – Ruger’s Paws (a day of kindness, started by EPI Angel Ruger)
Month of November – Epilepsy Awareness Month

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  1. Knotty Toys for Good Dogs says:

    Wooftastic post Rolo!
    3 bum swings! 3 more!
    What a pawfect way to celebrate Purple Day by having those who have adopted an Epi Warrior to share their thoughts 💜
    Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this pawsome event & our very 1st blog hop.
    Stay strong!💜

    Nose nudges,
    CEO Olivia

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