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It’s been a while since I have featured an adoptable on our blog but I am really glad SCARS reached out to us to get this guy out in the social media world.

Everyone meet Hansen. This little feller is a 4 year old collie mix. He is leash trained, so a breeze to go out and walk with and most importantly, he is neutered.  He is good with EVERYTHING and EVERYONE; young kids, older kids, males, females, dogs (big or small) & cats. One thing you need to know about Hansen is, just like Rolo, he has Canine Epilepsy. So if you would like to know more information from me personally about what its like living with a dog with Epilepsy please reach out to me: or through any of our other social media channels located at the bottom of this page.

Ive sent over a little interview to the gals over at SCARS to get some more information on him for you all. Even if you cannot adopt him please please share this post to try to get it to reach as many potential adopters as possible.

*What shelter or rescue is this adoptable from and where are you located?
Second Chance Animal Rescue. We are located in Athabasca, AB with most of our foster homes based out of the Edmonton area.

*Any interesting stories about this adoptable?
Hansen is a moaner and a talker. He starts talking when he is being pet or just when he’s happy, but he does not bark. He is also a very well behaved boy in the house, never jumps up or chews on the furniture or shoes.

*What type of home would this adoptable most suit into?
He needs a home where someone is around most of the time. He has some separation anxiety(Rolo has this as well sometimes, I have some great tips too) being gone for long hours doesn’t suit him. He is fine being left home for short periods, but also does really well in the car so he can tag along with his family as well. He also requires a home that can tend to and afford his medical needs.

*Any other information you think we should know about this adoptable?
(as I mentioned above) Hansen has Canine epilepsy. His foster home has monitored it and has it under control. His seizures come more often when he is stressed. Large groups of people will stress him out and may cause a seizure. Also, salty foods, change in diet and heat (summer time or hot house) can trigger his seizures.  He is on 60mg of phenobarbital taken twice a day and 1.5mg of potassium bromide once a day. The approximate cost is about $1000/year. (TIP: with Rolo, we called around and got pricing on medications and went with the cheapest place, which was a human pharmacy)

He was recently featured on Global Edmonton Morning News shown here:

*If someone wanted to put in an adoption application, how can they do that?
They can go to the SCARS website and click on Hansen’s profile where there is a large “ADOPT ME” button above Hansen’s write up. There they can fill out an application to adopt Hansen.

*Any events coming up for your shelter/rescue?
We will be having our annual Gredda Golf Tournament on June 23rd at Goose Hummock Golf Resort in Gibbons, AB. For more information and to register for the tournament you can visit the SCARS website and click on the Events tab. SCARS is also looking for sponsors for this event.

*Social Media Information:
Twitter:  @SCARS_Alberta
Instagram: @scars_care

**PLEASE answer  both questions below**
*Do I have permission to copy this interview to my blog?: Yes
*Do I have permission to use the photos you have provided me with: Yes

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One thought on “Meet Hansen – SCARS Adoptable

  1. Knotty Toys for Good Dogs says:

    Hansen sounds pawfectly sweet.
    I too live canine epilepsy.
    I have some bad days but I have mostly good days.
    3 bum swings! 3 more!

    Please pass on to Hansen, ” Hope Courage & Strength”

    Nose nudges,
    CEO Olivia

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