Honored to be the recipient of the FMSPCA Community Spirit Award

Rolo and I started volunteering for the FMSPCA shortly after his adoption but our first big fundraising effort took place in the spring of 2012. I competed in a pageant, yup…I performed an opening number, strutted in a bikini, dawned my evening gown and than answered questions. I didn’t walk away with a crown BUT I was happy to take home the title of “Miss Big Spirit” and found out I was only 1/2 of a point away from winning the crown! As the pageant was a fundraiser for the FMSPCA, I was able to raise $3500 for them through random mini fundraisers I held over a couple weeks. I was so proud to win that title and I think there may be a trend, I think I got a lot of spirit!

“Fort McMurray SPCA held its Annual General Meeting on Thursday, May 25, 2016 and marked the occasion with its first recognition awards. The FMSPCA Awards Program honours both people and animals who have made outstanding contributions to animal welfare during the past year in our community.” – Paragraph Credit: http://www.fmspca.ca
I received an email a few weeks before the AGM stating I was the recipient of an award. I was in shock and teared up instantly. I had no idea and had to keep my lips zipped until the event. Do you know how hard that is for someone who works solely in communications and social media? SO HARD! I was so excited for that night, I barely slept. Tenley attended her very first FMSPCA AGM too! Here is some information about my award, not to mention it is the cutest little keepsake!COMMUNITY SPIRIT AWARD:
This award is given to an individual for demonstrating tireless devotion to the FMSPCA organization, animals in our care, programs, services and initiatives through their business, group or organization and for contributing above and beyond to achieve the goals of the FMSPCA.

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