[PRODUCT REVIEW] Safer, Gentler & Easier; The Eazee Pet Deshedding Brush

Rolo is a mix of two VERY “sheddy” breeds (the German Shepherd & the Husky) which means the hair sticks to everything but him. I find myself brushing him weekly to cut back on the amount of hair that ends up in my little one year old daughters mouth. The Eazee® Deshedding Tool is here to make sure I am getting the dead hair out and not taking his healthy hair.  Today we are here to give you a #sponsored review of this tool!

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Product Reviewed:
Eazee Pet Deshedding Tool

(Large in Purple)

Let’s start this product review!

The newly launched Eazee deshedding brush is a two piece brush made from a contoured handle and a detachable head. It also comes with two attachable & reversible combs. One for daily grooming and the other for intense grooming.  This product is safer than ordinary metal deshedding tools as the Eazee is made from composite plastic whose teeth are round. No sharp edges here which means, no scratching. This brush is designed to take the dead hair and not the healthy live hair. #dogmomwin
The Eazee Deshedding Brush comes in three sizes for dogs: Small (1-22lbs) ♥ Medium (22-45lbs) ♥ Large (45lbs+) in an array of colors: Pink, Red, Purple, Green, Blue & Yellow. Hey we didn’t leave out the cats in your life! They also make a brush just for you! One size, works for all sizes & breeds of cats in the same colors mentioned above. The handle has a detachable head that allows you to click in another one of the 13 different grooming tools that are available for purchase including a dematting head, massage head, flea/debris head just to name a few. Check out our little video diary of us using the Eazee Brush.

Overall we loved this brush from its contoured handle to lightweight design. Knowing that the blade of it is plastic and has rounded teeth gave me a piece of mind knowing that I wouldn’t hurt my dogs skin. I also love how it only takes out the dead hair and doesn’t reef on the healthy live hair. Rolo & Dog Mom approved! To find out where this product is sold, click the “let’s shop” button below. They are currently adding more and more stores that carry it daily. So keep checking back!

Disclaimer: Confessions of a Rescue Mom received a Eazee Deshedding Brush from Foolee (Swees America) for posting an honest review. The opinions expressed in this review are our own and were not influenced in any way. There was no monetary compensation.

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