Muttstock 2017 [RECAP]

As most of you know, we headed down to Edmonton to take part in Muttstock on July 8th. As I am a little late, here is my recap of the event. This is the third year Muttstock has been on and it’s an amazing fundraiser for 6 local animal rescue organizations; Beagle Paws, GEARS, Hope Lives Here Animal Rescue, Collie Rescue Network, Fore Free Alliance and A Pet’s Pantry. Funds raised at this event are split between them and put towards much-needed items. A few months ago I became the “Social Media Guru” for Muttstock. I set them up with a Instagram Account and Twitter Account which both grew rapidly. I was also attending the event with my blog as well as raising money for our shelter; the Fort McMurray SPCA.
The morning of the event, we all set up our tents and go all organized. At 11am people and their dogs started rolling in to check out the event. Music was playing by local bands and it was a great atmosphere. Tenley was even rockin’ away in her play pen. It was also an extremely hot day. I asked my best friend to take my daughter for a few hours to get her out of the heat although her and Rolo both were in the share, had fans and plenty of water. There was wiener races, a splash park for kids and also one set up specifically for the pups, which was great because it was deathly hot out that day. The Force Free Alliance did two seminars and there was also a weight pull demo. The BBQ was amazing and had the MOST DELICIOUS french fries, no joke! I ate two bags of them…whoops. At this moment I believe the fundraising is at $4500 and they had a goal of $5000 for this year. As mentioned below there is currently an auction going on, on their facebook.

I had a lot of fun and hop eyou got the chance to pop by and say hi to Rolo & I. I will be attending next year as an attendee/photographer for the page, so that I can get around and look at all the booths and mingle. I didn’t get much time for that as I needed to be in my booth supervising which was kind of a bummer.

If you head on over to their facebook page and give them a like you can stay up to date with all the news regarding Muttstock 2018. They are also currently having an online auction with some rad items that ends this Sunday –>  Be sure to also follow them on Twitter @muttstock and Instagram @muttstock because…hey it’s me!

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