Maverick and Me [Childrens Book Review]

We are thrilled to take part in the Maverick and Me blog tour! This book was inspired by the life of Katherine Schwarzenegger’s own rescue dog Maverick and of course what better way to wrap up October’s “National Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month” by spreading a little extra awareness for all those pups who still need to find their forever homes, by doing a sponsored review on a book teaching young kids all about JUST THAT!  As at one point; my own Rolo & Katherine’s Maverick both needed to find their forever homes.

Publication Date:  September 5, 2017

Author:  Katherine Schwarzenegger
Illustrator:  Phyllis Harris
Page Count:  32
Ages:  4-7 years

As a parent myself, I don’t believe there is too young of an age to start teaching a child the importance as to why animal adoption, pet rescue and helping animals is so so so important. I’ve been taking my step son to the animal shelter where we adopted Rolo from consistently since he was 3 to help me do social media work for my blog, volunteer at events and just socialize with the animals! Although I don’t think he appreciated the time we were doing kitty socialization and one made a mess on him, we did have a good laugh about it though. Tenley visited her very first animal shelter in the city she was born during our evacuation in May of 2016 at just over two weeks old! two weeks! Although she of course doesn’t understand the concept of why she is there, she soon will learn and get familiar with it. I see some big animal advocates heading your way world! LOOK OUT! Alright, alright, onto our book review.

One thing I love about this book is the way I felt reading it. I know I’m an adult and I may react differently than a child reading it, but, my eyes welled up. With working so closely with our animal shelter; I have seen hurt animals in recovery after surgeries, I have seen heartbroken animals, happy animals, scared animals and everything in between.  This book tugged at my heart-strings, as sometimes animals don’t come from where we believe rainbows and cupcakes are made, as some live horrible lives and that’s where rescues and volunteers step in to try to change that and truth be told, children need to know that. Because there are good people in this world that work tirelessly to bring them back to health, and get them into loving forever homes. Maybe one day they will be the one walking down the street and see an animal who looks neglected or lost and do something about it!

I brought in a second reviewer for this review, my 9-year-old, Cameron. He read the book and then I got him to tell me what the book was about. He told me he liked the book, the pictures and that he would of course read this book to his baby sister Tenley, which at 1.5 years old she scrolled through the book herself.
I might add that the illustrations are also super adorable in this book! They are soft, appealing and of course visually tell a great story along with the words. The drawings of Maverick looks so much like his real life photo, down to his white patches! Overall, this is a super cute book to teach children the importance of adoption. Education on adoption is key, especially at a young age! They will remember it, tell their friends and hopefully one day when they decide to get a pet of their own, head to their local animal shelter/rescue and give a deserving animal a loving forever home ♥

This one is a must have for every pet lovers home, whether you have children or not. It’s likely you know someone who has littles, who per say, come over and visits? have a birthday coming up? or could use a new aged baby shower present instead of a card? NOW! Where can you get your paws in this book? Click the LET’S SHOP button below to be brought to the Maverick and Me website.letshop
Disclaimer: Confessions of a Rescue Mom received a copy of Maverick and Me for posting an honest review. The opinions expressed in this review are our own and were not influenced in any way. There was no monetary compensation.

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