K9 Honey – Raw Honey For Dogs [Product Review]

Today it’s all about sweetness…and I’m not just talking about Rolo! We are doing a sponsored pet product review for K9 Honey®. This raw, unfiltered honey infused with bee pollen from not ONE but NINE geographical regions from across the United States. It’s designed by nature filled with a wealth of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and powerful antioxidants just for your pup. I mean, I love honey; in my tea, on toast with peanut butter or just plain on a spoon for a sweet treat. Growing up in southern BC, we would stop at these fruit stands and I would always make my parents buy me these flavored honey sticks. As a kid, boy were they messy, but they sure were good! Buzz…Buzz…Buzzz…..

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K9 Honey Promotes;
♥ Calms digestive system

♥ Natural Energy boosts (perfect older dogs)
♥ Decreases symptoms of Kennel Cough
♥ Improves Immune System
♥ Allergy Symptom Relief
♥ Tastes Delicious
♥ Infection Prevention

Let’s start this product review!

First let’s talk about the product design & packaging. K9 Honey comes in 3 product sizes; a 6oz, 12oz and a 24oz  jar. We were sent a 6oz jar to review and it’s about the size of my palm, so I can imagine that the 24oz is a big one! The packaging really shows off the products theme “honey”, with the little yellow honey comb detailing throughout. Even notice the little orange bee’s on the top of the jar.  It is simple and has just the right amount of information on it for consumers. 
It’s time for the taste test! I poured up his dog food and drizzled the honey on top with the correct serving size for his weight;
1-10lbs = 1/2 tsp per day
11-30lbs = 1 tsp per day
31-50 lbs = 2 tsp per day
50+ lbs = 1 tbsp  per day
OK, with Rolo ending up being 100+lbs I ended up giving him just a wee bit extra on a spoon to let him get into that flavor, oh and he loved it. If he could eat that plastic spoon, he would have! In fact, it flew out of my hands a few times. He was eating and licking off that spoon so fast it was really hard to try to get a good photo of him! I was snapping so many photos of him and just none of them were coming out clear, this was as good as they got! I think the last photo, he was saying “MOM! more, please!. He was right, everything about it was delicious, the smell, the taste and the texture. I know, because I tried it!

Check out this  video below from our friends at K9 Honey about the Natural Health Benefits of Honey for your dog!

Overall, what a great product with so many benefits for your pup and not to mention they have amazing prices!  It gets a #RoloApproved Stamp! Where can you get yours? Click the “Let’s Shop” button below to be brought to the K9 Honey website, where you can purchase the 6oz, 12oz or 24 oz jar and if you watch the video clip above, I may have spotted a discount code in it ^^^letshopDisclaimer: Confessions of a Rescue Mom received a 6oz jar of K9 Honey for posting an honest review on our blog. The opinions expressed in this review are our own and were not influenced in any way. There was no monetary compensation.

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