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This raw, unfiltered honey infused with bee pollen from not ONE but NINE geographical regions from across the United States. It’s designed by nature filled with a wealth of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and powerful antioxidants just for your pup. We caught up with Joe Harwell for an exclusive interview to find out all the details about K9 Honey that was founded in 2016!

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*Why was this business started?
We have combined our love for honeybees and dogs. With this we created K9 Honey which focused on natural treats and medicinal remedies for dogs. We want to promote holistic health for dogs and  prevent and keep allergies at bay for our furry friends.

*What does this business specialize in?
Our business specializes in raw, natural dog treats in the form of unique honey for dogs.

*What makes your business different from other business’?
What sets our business apart from others is our innovative dog honey of course. We have gently blended 9 pollen’s from 9 different regions across the United States. I can confidently say that our K9 Honey is one of a kind! Whilst other honey products are not actually real honey, but they are corn syrup and contain other non-natural ingredients. We wanted to provide 100% raw and natural honey.

*What types of services do you offer?
Apart from our retail product, we also offer wholesale and affiliate programs.

*What is the business’ mission?
Our mission is to have a positive impact on dogs and promote their overall wellness. We want dogs to benefit from one of natures most perfect foods. Just as us humans suffer with allergies, digestive issues and weak immune systems, dogs too suffer with these conditions. Bearing this in mind, we want to offer a solution for these conditions.

*What is the price range of your products?
6-oz. jar is $7.99
♦ 12-oz. jar is $10.99
♦ 24-oz. jar is $18.99
All prices are in USD.

*Any special events coming up this year for you?
We have been involved with AZ Humane Society providing honey for dog wounds and for treats.

*Where do you see this business in 5 years?
We hope to be the go to natural dog treat for dogs along with pet owners focusing on using natural remedies for dogs allergies, burns, kennel cough remedies, and more.

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*What inspires you or the business?
We actually started Rango Honey in 2015, raw honey with the unique flavor of the Sonoran Desert. What inspired us to do this was to meet the needs of a special needs family member. As Rango Honey progressed, we had developed a passion for harvesting honey, promoting bee health, and realized that honey has amazing medicinal benefits for not only humans but dogs as well, that’s when we founded K9 Honey, honey for dogs.

*Has this business won any awards?
We have been featured in some major publications such as The Doginton Post, City Dog, Modern Dog and a few others. The same honey that is used for K9 Honey (Rango Honey) was awarded 1st place in a statewide gourmet specialty honey competition (see article:

*What do you plan to accomplish with your business in 2018?
I’m hoping to expand internationally for dogs across the world and as mentioned above, I want dogs to benefit from one of natures best vitamin and nutrient packed super-foods.

*Do you do any charity work? If so, what?
Yes, we do. We donate $0.50 for every bottle that is purchased to the charity of the purchaser’s choice and we donate our honey to the Arizona humane society. (That’s so amazing! Keep up the good work K9 Honey!)

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