Rolo’s Christmas Gift Guide [2017]

Well friends, it’s the first week of December and we are ready to roll out Rolo’s Christmas Gift Guide to help make your life easier, as you start shopping for your pups! You may recognize the 13 items below, as they have been featured throughout 2017 on our blog in product reviews. We loved them so much that they are now making another appearance!

We have put together a collage of photos that have numbers on each photo. In the list below we have written out each item with what it is, why we love the product and a link to the full  and thorough review we have done. On that review you will be able to find out just where you can get your hands & paws all over these awesome gifts! Rolo Says“Nothing better than spoiling those Pups! Happy Shopping!”
#1.  K9 Honey
Link to our review:
Why do we love this product: Well first off, it tastes delicious (I know because I personally tried it and used it when I was sick and has a sore throat). It by taking this product it also has a ton of benefits, which by reading out full review, you can find out just what those are.

#2. Shoo Natural – Eucalyptus Shampoo & Conditioner
Link to our review:
Why do we love this product: We cannot say enough good things about the Boss woman behind this product, Agota. I wish she didn’t live so far away, so I could spend time with her! She is amazing and I know I would have a lot of fun with her! The Shoo Natural line is simply amazing. Keyword; Simply. It’s simple. No harsh chemicals, No toxic ingredients, just simple things that are suitable for your pet AND YOU to use!

#3. Farm Fresh Pet Foods – Beef Treats
Link to our review:
Why do we love this product: Oooooh Canada, our home and native land… Farm Fresh was started by farmers right next door to Alberta, in Saskatchewan. Not to mention they taste delicious to dogs and humans– ask my stepson, he mistakenly ate one as we were prepping goodie bags for muttstock in a hotel room. Plus, Nicole is a fab lady and I loved meeting her in Edmonton!

#4.  Zen Clipper
Link to our review:
Why do we love this product: I have owned many nail clippers over the years and this has by far been my favorite. Rolo is NOT a fan of getting his nails clipped and this product has really brought the anxiety out of getting them cut. See for yourself!

#5.  Eazee Pet De-shedding Brush
Link to our review:
Why do we love this product: This brush is very very light, others are bulky and heavy and when you have a large dog to brush that takes a lot of time, it really starts to hurt your wrists using a heavy brush. This one also doesn’t yank out his hair that is still alive, just the dead hair that is ready to come out. I like that it has interchangeable heads as well!

#6. Organic Pet Boutique – Blueberry Energy Snaps
Link to our review:
Why do we love this product: They smell AMAZING when you open the bag! They are made with whole organic blueberries which are super great antioxidants for pups and are also wheat, corn & soy free for those pets with food sensitivities, which seems to be very common nowadays.

#7. PetSafe Drinkwell Outdoor Fountain
Link to our review:
Why do we love this product: This is a monster fountain for those big pups like Rolo! Did you know that for Rolo’s weight, he should be consuming a minimum of 12.5 cups of water a day and to think he is on medication that also makes him consume a lot more water than the average dog as well! This fountain is great! It comes with two huge tanks on the back as well as a large bowl/drinking area at the front.  If my math is correct(it was never really my forte), this fountain with the bowl & tanks can hold approx 56 cups of water!

#8.  Woofileaks (Book Review)
Link to our review:
Why do we love this product: It’s a super cute book with quirky & catchy poems that help decode your dog. My stepson got a kick out of them and a great addition to any pet lovers book collection.

#9. Thunderworks – Thundersnap Quick Connect Leash
Link to our review:
Why do we love this product: out of ALL of my leashes I own…It’s my go to leash now! So simple and easy to use! Not only is this product for someone who just wants less time trying to get a leash connected to their bouncy & excited dog(although we all know this is NOT rolo, but may be your dog) but think about someone who may have arthritis, or a child that wants to help out. This IS PERFECT!

#10. Petcurean – Spike Jerky Treats
Link to our review:
Why do we love this product: All of the Spike jerky treats contain some super-foods like chia seeds, pomegranate and kale which are nutrient-rich, high in fiber and packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They also contain pumpkin which is good for that digestive tract and is also an antioxidant. They are also free from by-products, added growth hormones, glycerin and artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. Not to mention they are grain & gluten-free!

#11. Pawtechnologies – Intelligent Alert Flyer System & Tag 
Link to our review:
Why do we love this product: There is no denying that the power of social media/online technology is incredible and I myself have seen and used it to its fullest advantages to help reunite missing animals. PAWtechnologies uses intelligent devices such as phones, emails, social media and other methods to alert others that a pet is missing. Than you can easily share a pre-made up poster, it honestly saves a lot of valuable time, when you should be out looking for the missing animal.

#12.  Maverick and Me (Book Review)
Link to our review:
Why do we love this product: You know us, we are all about animal adoption and this is just what this children’s book is about. It’s never too early  to start teaching children the importance as to why animal adoption, pet rescue and helping animals is so so so important. This book needs to be read over and over and over!

#13.  Ferris and Char Char Cosmetics
Link to our review:
Why do we love this product: First off! They give back to animal rescue with every single purchase! So be sure at the check out to select Rolo’s former shelter the “Fort McMurray SPCA” ;) — Did I mention how amazing this lip gloss smells also? mm vanilla!

We hope you enjoyed looking through Rolo’s Christmas Gift Guide and pick out some amazing products for your pups! They sure wont be disappointed and if you have any questioned on any of the products from a reviewers point of view, shoot us a message on social media! Happy Shopping ♥

Disclaimer: Compensation received will never influence the content, topics or posts made on this blog. On each of the single reviews posted above you will also find another disclaimer.

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