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Today on our blog we are doing a sponsored pet product review for AniForte®. For the past month we have been adding their Salmon Oil to Rolo’s food in the morning. It is a natural, high-quality  cold- pressed Pure Salmon Oil from Norway that is a good source of Omega-3 and EPA + DHA + ALA fatty acids.  Find out below in our blog post what we though of it but first let’s learn a little about AniForte. “AniForte is a family run natural pet brand based in Germany. We believe nature has all the answers to our pets’ health problems. Our range consists of supplements and foods that are 100% natural. We produce products for dogs, cats, and horses with ingredients that are free from additives, chemicals and artificial flavorings.” (Paragraph Credit:

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Feeding Recommendations:
DOGS: 5ml per 10kg
CATS: 5-8 drops
HORSES: 10ml per 100kg


Salmon Oil Benefits:
♥ Improves the coat and skin; making it soft and glossy.
♥ Reduce inflammation that can lead to conditions such as arthritis.
♥ Help prevent skin allergies and irritations
♥ Preventative effect against many heart diseases (may lower cholesterol and improve blood flow)

Let’s start this product review!

First let’s talk about the product design & packaging. The bottle of Omega-3 Salmon oil comes in two sizes, we received the 500ml bottle but it also comes in a larger 1000ml bottle. The bottle has a little bit of give in it (which I love), this makes it easy to squeeze into the provided measuring cup. There is just the right amount of information on the packaging and everything is cleaning and not overpowering. I also like that on the front there is a picture of a salmon…for salmon oil as well as three smaller logos (dog, cat & horse) because this formula can be used for all three of them.

As per the feeding instructions, Rolo was to get 20ml of salmon oil as he is around 40kg. I put it onto his dog food every morning for about a month and a bit, give or take some days due to going out-of-town and missing some days etc. Let me tell you, his sniffer goes NUTZO when I put his bowl down. He cant wait to eat his breakfast! When dinnertime rolls around and there isn’t any salmon oil on it, he’s disappointed.  I will post some videos on Instagram in the next few days showing you him gobbling up his food, and also me trying to take some decent photos of him with his bowl but he kept eating the food…so we didn’t get one.
5 Reasons for Supplementing with Salmon Oil (Link Credit AniForte)
I wanna talk about what AniForte Omega-3 Salmon Oil did for us out of this review.  Rolo’s Beautiful Coat. I mean Rolo always gets compliments on how amazing his fur is but deep down he has some secrets. The first photo was taken before we started. Rolo had dry, dull hair deep down. You can see the gross dandruff in it(it’s because he’s scared of the bathtub and  so dry and cold here). The other three photos are from after using AniForte for a month. The results are in the photos. No Photoshop, No Enhancers, Just Rolo’s hair. Overall, we are really happy with this product. I mean the proof is above. I know if you don’t live near us you can’t really reach out and touch Rolo’s hair but it really is so much softer and pliable and It didn’t take long for me to start noticing a difference in his fur.  This product gets a #RoloApproved Stamp! Where can you get yours? PS THEY SHIP EVERYWHERE. Click the “Let’s Shop” button below to be brought to the Omega-3 Salmon Oil page on the  Aniforte website.letshopDisclaimer: Confessions of a Rescue Mom received a bottle of Omega-3 Salmon oil from AniForte for posting an honest review on our blog. The opinions expressed in this review are our own and were not influenced in any way. There was no monetary compensation.

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