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As you can remember, a little while back we did a sponsored review for Shoo Natural®. You can find the link here. Well we caught up with Girl Boss herself, Agota Jakutyte as she dishes all about the company she founded a year ago in September.

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Did you know that Shoo Natural products are:
♥  Natural  ♥  Vegan  ♥  Alcohol Free  ♥   Dye Free   ♥  No Artificial Ingredients  ♥  No Sulfites  ♥  No Parabens  ♥  No Nonsense  ♥

*Why was this business started?
This is our story, how we started and why (link below) but shortly it was a natural need to improve my pets and my own health. I was really shocked when I googled the ingredients of my favorite luxury brand products…

*What does this business specialize in?
It specializes in all natural, crossbreed products for dogs and their owners. We started to manufacture shampoos, but now we broaden our product line and created conditioners, balms, snacks, toys…

*What makes your business different from other business’?
SHOO is the world’s first crossbreed company with products suitable for all mammals. SHOO products are all natural, vegan with no alcohol, no fragrance, no dye and color additive, no artificial ingredients, no parabens, and no other nonsense. SHOO is also a social enterprise — for more fraternity between man and man’s best friend, we gift our products to folks who take in shelter puppies. I have 4 shelter dogs of my own, so I really understand the life of abandoned animals… I know how sad, frustrated they are. So our main goal after developing SHOO project is to put all our money in saving animals around the world and helping them internationally.

P.s We already have a plan and talking with European Parliament :)

Also, it is funny but there is a higher demand of SHOO shampoo from clients who are using it for their own selves than those who use it for their dogs or any other pet :)

*What types of services do you offer?
Besides our products, our main goal is to educate people. Show them the right routine they should try to implement to their dogs and their life. That’s why we film our show and write articles on different themes like health, happiness, love, dog behaviors or eating habits.

Our products have already been tested by 50 000 pooches around the world and got only 5 paws reviews :)

We also created handmade medallions from a dark clay. Together with a cedar-wood essential oil, it may be worn around the dog’s or person’s neck to prevent bugs, ticks, fleas and mosquitoes. It also can work as all natural fragrance. But the most important it helps to treat mental and spiritual health for dogs and their owners :)

Besides, we are launching our paw and nose balms, repelling adores, vegetable snacks where all of them were sold in a first week of release. Probably they just changed usual potato chips for owners, because everyone said that they share them together with pet… Some of them even said that their dog got jealous :)

** She also just launched a “Coffee for dogs and a Ketogenic diet for dogs too!”
This girl is unstoppable!

*What is the business’ mission?
Make a stronger fraternity between pets and their owners by showing how many thing we can do together and how to improve our health in playful way and to educate people why shelter dogs rocks! Theres is no difference from the environmentally conscious recycling, being green or dog adoption which is the noblest form of recycling.

That’s why we gift our shampoos to folks who adopts shelter dog, to bring a healthier beginning together ;) We also donate part of our sales to different shelters from all around the world.

*What is the price range of your products?
Maybe it’s the only one minus we have… Because of the high quality ingredients our product cost is quite high. We only use certified, natural, vegan ingredients from countries like Germany or France. The price of hygiene products varies from 16 to 20 dollars, but I believe that conscious people understand the importance of their health. We believe that the ideal cosmetic should have only ingredients we can eat!

*Any special events coming up this year for you?
We promised to celebrate our one year anniversary on September! Also on each of our employees birthday we make a special one day sale :) P.S Employees are our dogs:  Ferdinando, Crete, Brit and Clemence :)

*Where do you see this business in 5 years?
As an inspiring social business which is between top 3 brands in the pet industry. Which helped for many pet owners and their pets to find harmony and a strong connection. We developed our plan how to reduce the stray dogs population worldwide and we have our own funds to cover financial problems for shelters in any place of the world.

*What inspires you or the business?
We probably need a separate article for this topic, but the most important inspiration are books. I read one book in a week which builds my personality, self-confident or knowledge. I also visit dog shelters each week in different countries to always remember my main goal and why do I need to work so hard.

*Has this business won any awards?
Yes, we already won 2 national packaging awards, one gold and the other bronze.

*What do you plan to accomplish with your business in 2018?
There are a lot of goals but the most important one is to spread the news about the healthy ownership as further as we can. Educate as much people how to behave correctly and how to improve healthy habits together with their furry friends. The right product is just a begging, we joke that we prepared a certified courses for our customers. Because of our tv shows, articles or vlogs we share.

*Do you do any charity work? If so, what?
As I already mentioned we have our PAW IT FORWARD initiative where we gift our products for dog shelter around the world and also split the profit which we share with selected shelters :)

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