Spotlight – Winky Rides & Greb Glides

Picture this…your driving down the road and a motor cycle drives beside you. It’s not an everyday motor cycle because this one is pulling a 100 lb German Shepherd wearing goggles behind it in a trailer! He is grinning ear to ear as the air brushes against his fur. I can’t remember the first time I had seen Winky & Sandy riding around town but every time I did, it would put a smile on my face and instantly light up my day. Sadly Winky passed away in the fall of 2016 and he is sorely missed by our entire community. On January 18th, 2017 Winky’s successor, with big shoes to fill, was born. Greb has been a joy to watch grow and flourish through the power of social media. Tenley & I had the opportunity to meet up with Sandy & Greb from Winky Rides / Greb Glides to chat all about…well…them! (Photo Credit Below: Winky Rides / Greb Glides Facebook)

*Follow Greb & Sandy’s Adventures:
Instagram: @winkyrides

*Where are you from?
Nova Scotia but now Fort McMurray

*What is your pet(s): (Age, Breed & Name)?
Greb, a Silver Sable Shepherd born Jan 18, 2017

*Any unique traits?
Greb loves the water and he trys to howl.

*What made you go with this breed?
I’ve always loved German Shepherds! I had Winky for 10 years. They have a great temperament and I like the look of them. (I completely agree with you, I love my GSD’s…Right Rolo!)

*What are some interesting facts about your pet(s)?
Greb rides in a motor cycle trailer. He has dual citizenship (USA & CANADA). He wears goggles and doesn’t mind them. He’s also deathly scared of cats.

*What is your pet (s) favorite treat?
Chomper Chews

*What is your favorite quote?
Traveling with Winky and now Greb has re-affirmed my faith in the general goodness of mankind” ~ Sandy

*Does your pet like to travel? If so, where are some places it/they have been?
Yes, Butte, Montana on the motor cycle. Greb also flew home from Iowa going to Edmonton & Red Deer & Chicago.

*What’s your favorite animal product?
Rex Spex. (Photo Credit: Winky Rides / Greb Glides Facebook)

*Why do you think volunteering at an animal rescue/shelter is important?
Its a great cause and they cant always help themselves so we have to help them.

*Why did you choose the FMSPCA to start raising money for?
We have always donated to them. We got a few shirts made for some friends and a lady in New York seen them and suggested we added $5 to the price and donate it to the FMSPCA. They then started ordering them and selling them left right and center with adorable photos of Winky on them. Me, my son & Daughter have one. Sandy than started making calendars, cups, bracelets and now LOTS of items. One really cool thing they do is sponsored legs of their trips. All of the money raised is donated to the FMSPCA, people can buy kilometers along their trip route and dedicate it to someone. Their leg than gets posted on social media as a shout out. This is such an amazing idea and we love everything that Winky & Grebs circle do for the FMSPCA!

*What types of items are you selling to raise money?
Bandanas, mugs, calendars, t-shirts, silicone bracelets & custom Winky & Greb prints by local artist Russell Thomas. There is always new items – be sure to check out their Facebook page for all the new gear! (like some we have posted below)

*What is  your FMSPCA donation total to date?
$~$78,000 and theyre goal is to reach $100,000 by the end of the year (Let’s help them get there!)

*Any big trips planned with Greb? 
A bike trip to Tombstone, AZ & Las Vegas, NV in July

*Anything extra you would like to add?
Greb is too big for Winky’s old trailer so we have a custom trailer coming for him soon.

I wanted to step in and chat a little about the upcoming event at the FMSPCA (155 MacAlpine Crescent June 3rd from 9:00am-4:00pm. This is a family friendly event! So grab your kids and pups and come celebrate the 2nd Annual Winky Day, 7th Annual  Animal Abuse Prevention Walk as well as the Fort McMurray SPCA’s 40th Anniversary! It’s a day full of activities

*Walk Registration: 9am
*Special Presentations: 10:30am
*Winky Day Memorial Ride to Anzac with Winky Rides/Greb Glides: 11am
*7th Annual  Abuse Prevention Awareness Walk: 11am
*Winky Day Activities: noon-4pm

Volunteer opportunities available here –>

Photo Credit: Fort McMurray SPCA Facebook Page


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