Welcome Back!

Hello Friends! I am back and you seen it! I have a new blog name! Rescue Dog – Mom Confessions that will remain a pet blog but may contain a few child related posts including my kids or travel adventures.

As most of you know us, we started out as a super simple blog called “Confessions of a Rescue Mom” back in 2013. Rolo inspired me to use my knowledge of social media, design and love of animals to help out his former shelter(The Fort McMurray SPCA) with their online presence. It grew so rapidly that we started featuring shelters and rescues from all around the world like Mexico and Australia! Our blog was everything I could ever imagine!

In the summer of 2018, Rolo started declining in health. As much as I wanted for him to live forever, we all know that is impossible. After he decline in health, I focused on him and put blogging aside. We turned down many product reviews, and just only posted on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. January 11, 2019 he made his journey to the rainbow bridge.

During our grieving process I did the unthinkable, didn’t renew my blog web address. I know rookie mistake! You would think after.. like 7 years of blogging one would remember or put auto renew on..nope! WordPress emails went to junk mail reminding me to renew and it wasn’t like I was logging onto my website to work on it to get a notification. Well my worst nightmare happened…someone purchased “Confessions of a Rescue Mom”. I was heartbroken. I ended up sending the “person” a heartfelt email explaining what happened and how much it meant to me. Nothing. No reply. Where do I go from here? Onward and upward! I turned to my pet blogging friends! I asked them for some name advice and they suggested this current one! I absolutely love it! “Rescue Dog – Mom Confessions” was created!

So how can you help me, now that I am the so called “new kid on the block”?
Share, share, share! We would love your support!

++ It will take me some time to go through and revamp ALL of our MANY product reviews but I wanted to at least get our page out and breathing fresh air!

xoxo Kimberley!

2 thoughts on “Welcome Back!

  1. Dakota/Caren/Cody says:

    I am so sorry to hear about Rolo sending (((hugs)))……you also reminded me I have to pay for my link renewals for June 25th………thanks for the reminder! (I don’t blog much anymore at all, but I guess I should renew my links)……….love the new name!

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