Okotoks Hot Glass [Preserve your ashes in glass]

Hello Friends! If you have been following me on social media, you have seen me post photos about this absolutely one of a kind glass bone I won in a contest on social media. Thank you again to every single person who took the time to vote for Rolo. This is something I will treasure forever! Okotoks Hot Glass is  located just south of us in, you guessed it! Okotoks, Alberta! I am thrilled to share with you some information and exclusive photos because I think what they do is unique and awesome!

Okotoks Hot Glass:
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/okotokshotglass/
Twitter: @okotokshotglass
Instagram: @okotokshotglass
Website: http://www.okotokshotglass.com

This isn’t just your everyday shelf ornament you purchase in a store. This is completely ONE OF A KIND; from the shape, to the colour selection and most importantly what is inside. They incorporate your beloved family member’s ashes(pets, and humans) and only a tsp is needed. Bones are not the only shape they do; hearts, cats, sparrows, vases, orbs, roses and more! They have over 70 colours for you to choose from. I went with Helitrope & Enamel White.  I was thrilled to get some behind the scene photos of the making of Rolo’s glass bone.

Photo Credit Above: Okotoks Hot Glass

How can you order one? 1. Get in contact with Okotoks Hot Glass 2. Determine the shape and colours 3. Send off ashes to Okotoks Hot Glass 4. Wait for the product to be made & shipped back 5. Enjoy your custom, one of a kind product!

If you live near Okotoks you can actually go on days they have open houses (posted on their facebook page/website) and bring your ashes in and watch it be made! Although it needs to cool in a special oven it will only take a few days until it will be able to go home with you. What a beautiful lifetime keepsake this will make! The photos do not do justice to how truly magnificent it is. I will treasure this ALWAYS!

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