I didn’t think I wanted a puppy – Welcome Mizzie

I knew that in my search for a new dog that I was not wanting a puppy. I was already set in my ways with a schedule of work, preschool, dance class and getting myself into the gym almost everyday. A puppy did not fit into my lifestyle and I was not ready to start training one. I have NEVER had a puppy in my life but I have in fact played a part in training a puppy.

I was scrolling my feed like usual looking for a new furry family member and this absolutely adorable little GSD pup stood out to me and better yet, she was available at our local FMSPCA. The same shelter that had given me my precious heart dog Rolo. She was just 8 weeks old, ears were attentive and she had the cutest little pink line down her nose. Eevee was her name. Puppies go very quickly at the shelter so before I had even met her I filled out an online adoption application form. This is completely not like me. I love being able to meet the dog first and get a feel for them to see if there is an connection. If there was no connection I was 100% going to withdraw my application because I wanted there to be a sparkle. After I filled out the form I went up to the shelter once it had open and asked to meet this little one. We sat in the kennel (Tenley & I) for 15 minutes to get a feel for the pup. She was very chill, attentive, curious and my heart exploded. I could feel some of those holes begin to sew back together. A puppy is just what I needed.

A few snaps from our meet & greet

On March 14th, the papers were all signed, adoption photo was taken and Mizzie THE PUPPY was now apart of our family and ready to come home. I had put her in the front seat on the drive home as I wanted to stop at the pet store to get her some treats and dog food. Poor thing got car sick, ralphed all over the blanket in the driveway. Crossing my fingers it’s a puppy phase for her or she will be getting some travel medication for all the road trips we do. We have been taking her out a couple times for a short drive to get her used to it but still gets sick. She now has her own puke bucket. We got home, she looked around and took a nap. One of her many many naps that she takes throughout the day.  I guess it really is like having a baby; they eat, pee/poop and sleep and that’s pretty much it.

Mizzie’s first day home

How am I training Mizzie?
Positive reinforcement and training treats. (Note: I am not a dog trainer and these are only my own experiences)

The first couple days there was ALOT of messes on the floor. It was so hard to keep up with entertaining a busy preschooler who now wasn’t getting the social aspect of her life by going to school, dance or daycare at the gym(due to COVID-19 closures) and keeping my eye on a puppy. I started giving her treats for every time she went out side and did something. I only did this for the first 5 or so days and than took the treats away and just did praise by “Good Girl” or “Good Job Mizzie”. We are now currently on to week 3 with her and she will only have a couple accidents inside each day. Normally it’s when I am in another room and don’t notice that she heads downstairs. Now we will need to work on her alerting me that she needs to go out rather than just heading downstairs.

I have never crate trained a dog before so I had to do some online reading on this one. The first night she cried for 10 minutes or so. The second night was less, maybe around 5 minutes and now she only lets out a little peep or just goes to sleep. She stays in all night until about 6-6:30am and heads right outside for her morning pee. It’s a little hard right now to work on the daytime crate training due to us not really venturing out a lot but when I do I do put her in there. I did download a free trial of an app to watch her the 3 times I went out to see if she cried the whole time. She did cry but thankfully not the entire time as she did settle down and even have a little nap.We spend a couple times a day working on her tricks in about a 5 minute time frame as she looses interest pretty fast and gets sloppy. Right now she has been working on; sit, come, paw(shake a paw) and lay down. I’ve also made her sit before eating her food. Ill incorporate sit and wait with a release soon.

Miss Mizzie has her first vet app tomorrow! Another round of shots(first ones were done at the shelter) and a checkup. I know she has already grown like a weed! She was 13lbs when she arrived here and last time we weighed her she was already up 5lbs.

I am very excited to see her grow and mold into her personality. Hope you will follow along our journey! We post a lot of photos on our Instagram page as well as Facebook; come join us!

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