Mizzie’s First Vet Appointment During COVID19

Mizzie had her very first vet appointment yesterday at Wood Buffalo Small Animal Hospital; the same veterinarian office that Rolo went to. I chose a day that my husband would be home because little miss likes to get car sick. Although she has perfected puking in the garbage can, I think it is her German Shepherd smartness.

We arrived at the clinic and called them from the car. They took a brief history over the phone, came out to get Mizzie, took her in and gave little Mizzie her second round of shot plus a physical and was returned to us in the car. We were than called by her vet to go over her appointment. Mizzie had a great physical and is looking amazing and is weighing in at 19.4lbs (she was 13lbs when we adopted her). Of course this is not the normal procedure for a regular vet visit but due to COVID19 this is what it is at the moment to ensure our safety as we all know how much a vet clinic is an essential service and we thank them for being open! Little Mizzie came home and napped way more than usual, which was a great break of running her out a million times for pee breaks for me! She will be back in another 4 weeks for her last round of shots plus her rabies vaccination! Than she is all ready to interact with other dogs!! Although I am skeptical that this will happen for a while.  I again want thank the staff at WBSAH including her vet Dr.Grant (Rolo’s former vet) for always being such an amazing and compassionate business.

Keep Safe and Sane!

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