Meet Mizzie

This is her story:
Mizzie(formerly known as Eevee) was adopted on March 14th, 2020 from the Fort McMurray SPCA at the age of 8 weeks. She was brought to the FMSPCA through animal control with her two sisters (Jigglypuff & Slowpoke – So if you ever find out who adopted them feel free to contact me as Mizzie would love a playdate!) who were also both adopted out. Her story has just begun and I promise to make her life full of exciting opportunities, adventures and love. Welcome to our family Mizzie.

Mizzie is a spunky little puppy full of life and she lives up to her German Shepherd breed and is smart as a whip! She has been learning tricks very quickly, now if only I could venture to the dog park with her to work on her recall. I may have to find another spot to start working on that.

Mizzie Tricks:
1. Sit
2. Paw
3. Touch
4. Down
5. Guard
6. Weave


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