Meet Mizzie

This is her story:
Mizzie(formerly known as Eevee) was adopted on March 14th, 2020 from the Fort McMurray SPCA at the age of 8 weeks. She was brought to the FMSPCA through animal control with her two sisters; Jigglypuff & Slowpoke. We ended up finding Jigglypuff (aka now named Nova) and they have been reunited at the barkpark. Her story has just begun and I promise to make her life full of exciting opportunities, adventures and love. Welcome to our family Mizzie.

Mizzie is a spunky little puppy full of life and she lives up to her German Shepherd breed and is smart as a whip! She has been learning tricks very quickly, and slowly entering the world of the dog park! She loved going to Doggy Daycare and playing with all of her new friends! She is social with all dogs but takes a few minutes to open up.

Mizzie Tricks:
1. Sit
2. Paw
3. Touch
4. Down
5. Guard
6. Weave
7. Bow
8. Use a shotglass
9. Puke in a bucket (yup she is car trained hahaa)

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