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Bloggers represent the intersection where consumers & public relations meet. Truth be told, people want to hear about your products, vision and business from a trusted source. Other consumers can read these when making a purchase decision. This is where we come in. Here at Confessions of a Rescue Mom, we have packages that appeal to every business aspect, from pet companies, to animal shelters. Interested in working with us? Feel free to contact us to help create your very own personalized marketing package –>

Product Reviews:
Rolo thoroughly loves his job as a pet product reviewer but sometimes he does have to call in some of his friends to help out though as he can be a stubborn old man. The products featured on our blog are based solely on our opinion and experiences with them. Also because each pet can be different, we may have a complete different experience with the product.

Why pick us to do a Pet Product Review for your company?
We are timely(although some things may take some time to thoroughly review) at getting out reviews posted and utilize social media to get our reviews seen through various online platforms including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Pinterest.  We also offer a way to maximize your outreach by allowing you to complete a “Business Interview” which will give our readers an inside look at your company. Products reviewed will also be showcased in our Holiday Gift Guide that launches in November.

Why do you rarely see negative reviews on our site?
We get tons of offers for product reviews but do our research before accepting. Sometimes things go against our standards like; prong collars, shock collars, treats with ingredients we don’t agree with. Therefor products you see on our page are one we like and think you will too!

– We reserve the right to decline any offer of a product or service, please contact us to see if your product is suitable to be on our blog.
– At the beginning of the post it will state that it is sponsored.

– We do not return the products and will not cover the cost of shipping.
– At this moment we cannot accept any to do any novel book reviews except children’s books.
– A disclosure will be made at the end of each product review that I have received the product being reviewed at no cost to Rescue Dog Mom Confessions.

Normally when we host giveaways on our site they are of items we have reviewed, that way we can completely and truthfully share our experience with our viewers. When creating a giveaway, there are a few things we need to know. What counties are eligible, length,


We love promoting shelters & rescues all around the globe. Rolo is a former shelter dog and we will do anything we can to promote them. If you are interested in having your shelter/rescue featured on our blog please feel free to contact us. This is at no cost to the shelter.

Sidebar Advertising:
Rescue Dog Mom Confessions does not currently accept sidebar advertising. Please check back at a later date.

Brand Ambassador:
I stand behind and promote our favourite products through random; social media posts, and group discussions. At this moment I am are not currently looking for new products to be brand ambassadors for, once a new furry addition is in our life I will likely open this up again.

social media
Just like pets, we know how important it is to socialize;
Instagram & Twitter: @RescueMomBlog

Revamped: August 3, 2019


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